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By sarge
Good day, I'm the new guy on the block. I bought a Shadow Cruiser 2019 end of 2018 brand new26' pulling with my ram 1500 longhorn 5.7 . Went to FL with it end of now 2018 stayed 3 month came back to home Quebec, Canada. I brought it back to the dealer because small items to be fixed on the warranted. Owner called me and said my 2 tires in the back were completely worn out. Well I never knew this so they changed the axle and tires no charge with lots of phone and arguments finally got it back 3 months later all fixed! June is when I got it back but hurt a foot and could not go anyplace for over 1 full year so it stayed in a clean storage area I only took it out every 2 mos to keep it in shape. Then the Convid came so all camping's here wee closed. took it out 2021 June 2 yrs later for a 2000 mile trip with my daughter following me with hers. About 800 miles I was feeling something was wrong stopped and my left back tire was completely worn inside. (very small village) changed for my new spare drove another 250 miles found a garage to fix it the same tire was to the metal. My axle was falling off the weld holding the top to the frame was not welded properly. Had to change 2 axles and drove back and the 2 axles are no good again. The dealer is not helping to pay anything I have so far paid over 2K and still not fixed my axles are for 7000 lbs and my weight full 7780 lbs. Dealer says:" I hit to many bumps and backed up too much"! I had to call my lawyer. The frame guys Lippert says noting. I have not use it since end of July this yr. any ideas what to do now? Really I would prefer they take the trailer back in case other things wrong? Dealer says the guarantee is finished. This is the reason I joined this group after reading of other axle problems.
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By XR4Tim
If it's a Lippert axle, I would contact Lippert directly as there should be a 6-year warranty on that axle. No amount of bumps or backing up should cause what you describe. If they won't help out, it should be easy work for your lawyer.
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