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By linderpat
Just got one. It's a 2017, and fast and loud. It drives great. Racing green, over tan and mocha. I drove a few comps, and was looking for a Macan, but this popped out of nowhere. The one Macan I almost bought was a potential di$aster, as it needed a ton of stuff and none of it cheap. The F Pace drives every bit as good, especially in dynamic mode set to Sport mode. I got the Prestige version. Picking it up this afternoon.
By amdavid
Sweet!.....but you know the routine....pics or it didn't happen!
By 911Königin
Yes, pics please............and would love to hear how the cockpit sits/feels.
By linderpat
OK, pics will follow soon. It is gorgeous, and the cockpit is perfect. Great site lines. Very comfortable and fit and finish is similar to my Audi, so quite good. I also drove a Macan. These were very similar in feel. The Porsche PDK is superior, but the Jag box leaves no regrets either. The sound is fantastic, especially when set o dynamic mode, and then dialed into Sport mode. It feels like a car, and it is very fast and sounds angry. I do not regret passing on the Macan. Size is similar, price is a little bit better, and maintenance cost will be much more reasonable without the Porsche tax. So far so good.
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By Airkuhl
Congrats! There is an intensely blue one around town here that looks beautiful in person.

The design is timeless, it will still look great 10 years from now, unlike BMW and most Japanese SUV's. Good choice.
By fpena944
Not just pictures, take video so we can hear it!
By 911Königin
pics :surrender:
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