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By TheDeckMan
I had spent the better part of a year shopping for an Aviator Gray TT when this one showed up here on Vortex. Fresh clutch and already on H&R Coil-overs, sporting a GIAC tune and Borla exhaust. I wanted to replace my 2000 Saab 9-5 with something fun that also was all wheel drive for winters.

Buying a one way ticket to North Carolina, I flew down and drove the car back in 24 hours to Massachusetts. While looking back on it was enjoyable, there were several issues. One being a vacuum leak that threw the car into limp mode, which the owner had cleared the codes just prior to me showing up. The other was that the shift linkage was out of alignment resulting in only 3-6th gears available for movement.

Stopping at a Walmart, I bought a plumbing kit and some tools in order to make a washer setup to have the correct pre-load on the shifter weight and was able to align the linkage.

Still for just under $11k with 91k miles on it I was happy as all hell. Over the years the TT went from daily driver to full blown track day weapon able to hang with 996 GT3's and other much more expensive hardware in the dry, in the rain it was unrivaled. For the 350-400 hours of track time on the car it is a remarkable chassis given the right parts. As used for a road rally car, the range and punch of the 1.8t made for a potent package offering fun in the twistys and great fuel economy on the highways.



Forge DV and TIP
Maestro Tuning Suite
Haldex Filter and fluid change
Transmission fluid flush
Zimmerman front Rotors with HPS pads
VF-Engineering Mounts
Shifter Bushings

Timing Belt and Waterpump (131k)
16lb Four Season Tuning Clutch/Flywheel Kit
Replaced front CV boots and wheel bearings
New set of tires (Hankook V12's)
Haldex Filter and fluid change
Replaced head lights due to pitting
8k HID replacements and Yellow fogs

Winter 2011 (no longer driving in the winter)
ODO : 141,xxx
2011 (Track and Rally prep)
Installed 42DD Downpipe and intake
Replaced ball joints, tie rods, steering rack, power steering pump, new ignition coils, Super blue flush.



Summer 2011
ODO 150,xxx
Haldex Comp controller
Haldex filter and fluid
Haldex precharge pump
Black BBS CH's 17x8.5
3.2 Grille
3.2 Spoiler
Drilled Dash supports
New Hankook V12's
Made new bushings for the stock lower rear arms
Panzer Plate

Winter 2011
ODO 156,100
Raised and new H&R front Coilsovers.
UHMW Control Arm Bushings
New R32 bushings
New Ball joints
New tie rods
New Strut Mounts
Removed Skid plate
Fan control module to ensure reliability
Low Temp Fan Switch
IE EGR block off
Valve cover gasket


Summer 2012
Oil change
New Plugs x 3
Haldex filter and fluid
Oil Cooler x2 as one failed
New HP+ Brake pads front and rear
New Zimmerman Rear Rotors
Transmission Oil
New 42DD intake filter
Another Set of NT01's
Oil change
New O2 Sensors


Front Hubs
Wheel Bearings
Ball Joints
Strut Mounts (both collapsed from two airborne incidents at NHIS)
Timing Belt
New FK rod ends for rear arms
Installed new port in the exhaust for wide band o2 and install wide band gage
Forge Waste Gate
4 bar FPR due to the Forge exceeding the fueling abilities on 3 bar
Grams Intake manifold

Turned into full fledged track car
GT3 Seats
Quattrosport wheel
Phenix Engineering Titanium Boxster Caliper Brackets
Porsche Boxster Calipers
Phenix Engineering Brake Lines & Fittings
Oil change
O2 Sensors
Alignment/Corner Balance
Weight 3033lbs with full tank









Fan Controller
New Thermostat
New Engine Mounts
Transmission Flush
Haldex Flush
Remove A/C
New Front O2 Sensor
Spark Plugs
New Maf
New Rotors
New Pads F&R
New Hubs
New Spindles
New Wheel bearings



Oil Change
Spark Plugs
New Bilstein Rear Shocks
Cupra R Lip
Paint correction
Remove radio/speakers/amp




Since 2017 the TT has only seen about 300 miles, of which "0" miles were put on this year. With having spent most of the time working on other cars of the house/garage project, time and funds for getting to the track have not been available. I figured when moving that it might be a couple years until getting back to regular track days with the car.

As she sit currently

As it she sits in the garage hooked to a battery tender, plans are being mulled over for dusting off the cob webs and getting the TT ready for another extensive campaign of track days. The motor/transmission/turbo/Haldex are all original to the car and performing well. However it would be a good time prior to going back out to do the following:

Rebuild Motor with IE Rods and AEB head
New Clutch and Flywheel
Install Front LSD and Rear LSD
Rebuild Rear Diff
Rebuild Transmission
New Turbo
Add Transmission Cooler
Remove radio wiring
Install Fire System and 6pt belts

Overall the Mk1 TT has always had a soft spot in my heart, as it sits now it is a go cart with a boost addiction. The K04-020 offers plenty of power combined with the right mods. The suspension is firm yet compliant enough to hammer down bumpy back roads without worry of sudden bump steer. The sister twin Aviator TT that got new life breathed into it still could never compare to how solid this car feels.

The timeless design and unique color blend in at any Cars & Coffee, yet every gas station turns into a half hour conversation about how a random stranger is in love with TT's and can tell you exactly where and what they were doing when they saw their first one. Alas many TT's have suffered a hard life with their great drivetrain and every day usability (except drive thru's as KFC buckets will not fit through the window :eek:), without doubt they will become hard to find in good condition without needing extensive work in the next coming decade.

If you have the means and garage space, I highly recommend picking one up even for just a Sunday driver. However they really need the following to make them properly fun:

Full Exhaust
Bigger Inlet Pipe
Bigger Side Mount IC's
Coil Overs
Delrin or UHMW Front Control Arm Bushings (restores suspension to pre-recall)
Bigger Rear Sway bar
Boxster Calipers
Remove Counter Weight

This offers a great 300hp package that can be thrashed around to the hearts delight never losing pace with your friends Cayman S's or 996/7's on the twisty's. Overall ownership and experience over the years leaves this one firmly in the "Never Sell" category of cars in the collection.

Eurodyne Maestro7 Stage 1 93oct file
42DD 3" Down Pipe
42DD Race Pipe
42DD 6" Velocity Stack Intake
Tyrolsport Dual SMIC's
034 Motorsports / Grams Intake Manifold / Spacer
Borla Cat-Back 2.5"
Forge Inlet
MadMaxx Evo Valve
N75J Valve
4.0 Bar FPR w/380cc injectors

Haldex Comp controller
FST 16lb Flywheel
FST Stage I Clutch
Phenix Engineering Shifter Bushings
Phenix Engineering Shifter Extension 2"
VF-Engineering Side Engine Mounts (black inserts)
VF Engineering Dog-bone with Phenix Engineering GT1 Race Bushings
Phenix Engineering Mocal Oil Cooler setup
Low Temp Fan Switch/Thermostat
Forge Wastegate Actuator Yellow Spring

H&R Coil Overs
H&R Rear Sway Bar (Black on "Hard" setting)
CPT Control Arms W/FK Nickel Plated Rod Ends
Phenix Engineering GT1 Race Bushings in Rear Stock lower arms
Phenix Engineering Control Arm Bushings
Phenix Engineering Adjustable Front Sway Bar End Links
Phenix Engineering Adjustable Rear Sway Bar End Links
R32 Rear Control Arm Bushings

Porsche Boxster Calipers with Phenix Engineering Titanium Adapters
Front Pagid RS4-4 Pads
Rear HP+ Pad
Zimmerman Rotors

17" BBS CH w/ Hankook R-S3 Tires (Street Summer/Rain Track)
17" OZ Supperleggera w/ Nitto NT01 R-Compounds 38/34 HOT (Track)

Phenix Engineering Dash Support Speed Holes
Valentine 1
AWE Boost Gauge
Innovate Air/Fuel Gage
Porsche GT3 Seats
Phenix Engineering Roll Cage
Schroth Racing Harnesses

Cupra R Lip
3.2 Rear Spoiler
3.2 Rear Valance
3.2 Front Grille
8k HID's
Yellow Fogs

Car Weight Spare out, full tank of gas and some weight reduction

3033 lbs

With me in the car:
By Redgt

Yes, love the TT design ( 04 3.2 VR6 w/DSG trans) Thomas Freeman credited for the TT design also worked at Porsche and had some involvement with the 928 in later years of its development. They make a nice pair!
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By TheDeckMan
Redgt wrote: Wed Mar 24, 2021 11:28 am Image

Yes, love the TT design ( 04 3.2 VR6 w/DSG trans) Thomas Freeman credited for the TT design also worked at Porsche and had some involvement with the 928 in later years of its development. They make a nice pair!

Nice to see another fellow TT owner! Think we met at Tass's 928 GTG?

Started to wrap some things up on the TT the other night with new coils, new coil harness and in process of working on fuel hose/remove the rest of the old stereo system. Along with changing out some other last odds and ends to get it ready for spring driving season.
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