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By amdavid
Funny story for those of you who know Darin (FD Motorsports).

I was doing a lot of hanging out/doing drives with the Bay Area/Napa crowd. Before Darin started doing muffler mods he was doing something (I think suspension) on his 993 in his old garage and I decided to join in to hang out and help the cause. I drove my 993 4S which had SuperCups on it....for those of you who know what SuperCups on a 993 sound like, you'll understand why Darin developed his exhaust line. Darin took my 993 out for a drive, came back, and the rest is history. I attribute the development of his product to address the hideous drone of the SuperCups from the cabin....from behind it sounded like a monster. The cabin drone outweighed the beautiful exhaust note of the SuperCups and I quickly went to Maxflow's until Darin released his product. Good times!
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By K964
Loved the FisterDs on my 993. Had the exact same experience with the S-cups—-my hearing is still impacted. Hah. Another car that I should never have sold....l,l
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By David993S
I love Darin's products. My 993 has Stage II's and my 996 has some B&B cans he agreed to modify to "Stage III" for me. The II's on the 993 are, to me, just perfect. Not loud inside with absolutely no drone at any speed, and a nice deep growl outside - almost a vintage air cooled "sport muffler" sound.

At one point early on with the 993 I had Super Cup's. They made it sound like a Cup car but you literally couldn't hear yourself talk inside the car. And at around 3k rpm (highway cruising speed) the drone was deafening.
I've had several different brands of mufflers on the 993 and 996, and Fister's are by far the best. Darin has mastered the secret of making a muffler than can be quite while easy driving, but open up when you get on it.
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