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By martyp
Hey all -

Looking to the collective brain trust to help identify and select a transport shipper from CO to TX. Three cars total (Porsche and Audi) using a covered platform. All input appreciated, and thanks in advance :beerchug:
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By David993S
I've shipped, and have had shipped to me, a number of cars over the years. There are a lot of shippers from which to choose, so my recommendation is rather generic: Use a name brand shipper and don't cheap-out with a bargain-priced shipper. If you use a smaller, local shipper be sure to check them out thoroughly and read their reviews. With shipping you definitely get what you pay for. You'll also find some bad reviews even with the big names, but your odds of having a trouble-free experience is much better with the big names. With your cars you'll definitely want enclosed transport. Be prepared for a longer than usual lead-time.
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By eflight
I just used Bears Transport to ship my 911 from Az to RI on enclosed transport. Was a good bit less than Reliable and Intercity. Shipping was actually faster than original estimate. They have a pretty good reputation on a few other car sites.

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