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By David993S
I have an elderly lady family friend who, now in assisted living, has a 1997 BMW Z3 she needs to get rid of. Here's the challenge:

- Automatic
- Blown engine (didn't hand grenade, but ground to a halt)
- welded on hard top (stupid decision on her part......don't ask)
- body with multiple dings, scrapes, etc.
- Purple color (oh, good Lord)
- high mileage (I forget the exact number.........but does it really matter? :rolleyes: )
- clear title (perhaps the only redeeming value)

In other words.........a POS. She knows it's not worth much, if anything, but she still needs to dispose of it. I'm thinking it is worth less than $1000, and maybe more like $700 - $800. I have searched several area (Dayton, Cincy, Indy) BMW independent shops to see if they have an interest in buying it as a parts car, but (not surprisingly) no interest so far.

Any ideas or suggestions from you guys?

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