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By N_Jay
We just yest drove a 2019 Macan.
Wife is thinking that the '07 E-350 may be getting a little worn out.

What can you guys tell me about Macans?
By fpena944
N_Jay wrote: Fri May 20, 2022 5:12 pm We just yest drove a 2019 Macan.
Wife is thinking that the '07 E-350 may be getting a little worn out.

What can you guys tell me about Macans?
Had one for a few days when we lived in FL and the Cayenne was getting serviced.

It's a small vehicle in comparison to the CTT and compared to your ML as well. But it is tuned to be fun so although we had a base model it was still peppy enough to enjoy the exit ramps off the highways (since there aren't many curvy roads in South FL).

Not sure what year you're looking at but the interior was well equipped and comparable to our CTT but with a lot fewer options and leather.

Overall a nice vehicle but just small for us. The size reminded me of an old Hyundai Tucson we used to have. Not that it's a bad thing as we had that little SUV for years and it suited us well. But after getting used to the Cayenne the Macan did feel mini in comparison.

Can't comment on reliability since it wasn't our car. Oh and for the record, while evaluating vehicles to purchase before I got my Cayman, I did have a Macan S or GTS on my shortlist.
By N_Jay
We have a Touareg (if I ever get it running) and a GL320 so I don't need a bigger SUV.
She was taking about sport sedans, but is also thinking (since we keep cars a long time) She should get something that will be easy to get in and out of at 70+ years old.
Big SUVs you have to climb in to, and low slung cars you have to climb out of.
Hence, smaller SUVs seem to fit the bill.
By eflight
I would suggest you compare the SQ5 with the Macan S.

I looked at the Q5 and the Macan S back in 2016. There weren't any SQ5s in my area to test drive. But I was able to find a a Q5 3.0T premium.

I test drove both multiple times, Macan S and Q5 3.0T, and could not really see any big difference. The Macan handled a tiny bit better in the corners, maybe a little quicker, but it wasnt a 911.

When all is said and done its an SUV not a sports car. How many twisties are you gonna do with an SUV?

The Macan lost in the cargo space area because the sharp angle of the back cuts into the cargo space in the rear. And I wanted the cargo space area.

I went with the Q5 3.0 as I could not justify the extra 20K cost for the Macan for what little extra it provided with that badge.

And I got lucky and found an Q5 3.0T with all the options I wanted, including a trailer hitch which made it just shy of an SQ5. Bonus was color of car was Sapang Blue.

And as it turns out, if I want another 100HP all I have to do is chip the car for about $1K
By worf
We have a Macan Turbo as our “shared” vehicle. I call it my “parts truck.”

I drove various Q models and all the Macan models before buying.

If, after you drive them, the Macan isn’t clearly better in your mind, then go Audi.

The expensive bits that fail, fail in both, are Audi parts, and are (AFAIK) the same price.

If going Macan, make sure the following have been done under warranty:
- transfer case
- timing chain cover

There’s probably a similar list for the Qs.

All that said, I can’t stand the new HMI in Macans as of 2019. I just want to smash it with my 3-pound sledge. Glad that ours is a ‘16.
By N_Jay
I have the Q5 and Q3 on the shopping list, but wife made a comment about "not wanting an Audi".
Obviously. This is not going to be a purely data driven process.
The price difference shrinks a lot when buying used.
By User2
Picked up a 17 S for babydoll last spring. So far so good. Drives well, the pdk is awesome when driven aggressively down a winding road. Does a good job simulating a normal auto in traffic but can occasionally lurch, esp when starting on hills. Overall feel reminds me of the last good e chassis bmws, think e39 spawning an SUV. Solid and well damped.

The base interior is plenty nice for a runabout and the leather dash toppers are known to separate. Non sunroof adds considerable rear headroom. The lane keep buzzer is annoying but can be turned off if optioned.

17-18's can have their nav updated to support carplay / Android auto remotely by some dude in Serbia if that's important to you.

There's a more sensible repair for the timing chain cover leaks now, ... st-2697832

Transfer cases are covered for 7yrs I think.

Maintenance is something to consider, the pdk fluid is supposed to be changed every 20k miles and the dealers charge an arm and a leg for everything. Engine oil is easy to diy, pdk slightly more difficult. Dealer prices will make you laugh and/or cry.
By N_Jay
Well, within a year I will have my shop and lift, so PDK fluid changes will be my to-do.
Already had one done at the dealer for my Cayman, and yes, quite a rip off.
Seems they were saying 40 K miles, but maybe because it is a lighter car.
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