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By David993S
Have you (hopefully not) or someone one you know ever taken an otherwise decent car and completely bastardized it? If so, what's the story? Doesn't have to be a Porsche.......messing up any kind of sports / collector/ classic car will do.

I'll start:

We have a friend (the wife now widowed) who owned a very successful machine tool business. Made them fairly wealthy. The husband was a hot rod guy, not a sports car guy. A number of years ago, he bought a '69 Jag E-Type 2+2. White, steel wheels w/hubcaps, automatic.........certainly not the most desirable E-Type but a Jag none-the-less and it was in nice shape, ran well, etc.

He wanted to "hot rod" it. I advised him not to customize it into a hot rod and just spend a little to refurbish it and keep it stock. I even told him if he did that, I would buy it when he was ready to sell. But he didn't listen. He spent approx. $120K (money was no object for them) to modify the body, put in a Ford 302, mag wheels, customized interior (which was hideous), etc. etc. In other words, he took a decent Jag and ruined it. After the husband passed, the wife started liquidating his collection including the Jag. She started advertising it for somewhere around $50k - no takers. $40K - no takers. $35K - no takers. $25K - no takers. I told her the problem was Jag people don't want a hot rod, and hot rod people don't want a Jag. Eventually she sold it for $18K. A $100K+ loss.

What stories do you have?
By XR4Tim
I had a 1995.5 Audi S6 in pearl white with black nappa leather. It was the nicest one I've come across since, and was tastefully modified with H&R springs & Bilstein sport struts, Stop-Tech big brake kit, 2Bennett adjustable camber plates, 17" Avus wheels, Stromung exhaust, a chip, K&N air filter and clear bra.

I sold it to my boss at a time when I felt like I needed money. After a while, the sunroof motor failed, and he installed a hand crank (like for a window) into the headliner to operate it. He then lifted the car, cut the fenders, and put mud tires on it. I'm not going to look for the pictures in its current state, but I believe he did a blog about it.
By ny991
He lifted an S6? WTF is that about?
By XR4Tim
People do it to 911s. I guess he thought it would be a cool overlander sort of thing.
By maddog2020
does my 928 fit this category? stroker crank from CA, Ferrari front Brakes, and a vette transaxle? for more of a identity crisis, it has 993tt rear calipers and rotors, and ford Pinto valve springs. the only thing that hasn't been modified is the glass....
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By tooloud10
When you need to do something to your M4 to distract from the giant grill.
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