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By maddog2020
I was one of the 1st Gen 2 purchasers, and got it last March during the 1st week of release. today it only clicks, and no display on power up. The only have a 1 year warranty, and I've had numerous Gen 1's and never had a failure... I'm curious how they will respond when I call in tomorrow.
By maddog2020
I called on Monday and explained the problem. They told me they would email me a shipping label. Dropped it off at Fedex Monday before 6PM. It was delivered to V1 by 10AM the next morning. I got an email about 5 hours later that it was shipped out thru UPS. Got it back this morning (Wednesday). Back up and running with the latest updates installed. I'm pleasantly surprised at the level of customer service. My 1st gen was working but I had tons of falsing on other car's collision avoidance systems and led brake lights both showing up as laser.
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By sh944
I have four Gen 1’s and one Gen 2, the most recently upgraded Gen 1’s perform about as well as the Gen 2, but the two older ones that hadn’t gotten the latest updates will probably both get replaced with new Gen 2’s.

V1 ‘s service to me has always been top notch. I’ve heard others bitch about them but never experienced anything like it myself, they’ve always been great to me.
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