8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By Shifted
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By Charlie
Sean and Roger are way more experienced than me, but FWIW: I have two tool boxes, general tools in a large plastic Harbor Freight "ammo box", and a complete set of sockets for 1/4", 3/8" and selections of 1/2" in a small plastic HF "ammo box." I tried to build the world's smallest complete tool kit.

I haven't figured out the compact jack situation yet but maybe inflatable air jacks are the ticket.

It would be good to hear from 928 mechanics on the spare parts. The no-brainers are fuses, 53 relays, bulbs of each type, etc. It is said that the most valuable spare part for a later 928 with a non-rebuilt LH is a known working LH. Fan amps and fuel pump relays are $$$ but they do fail.

No matter what tools you bring, 928 repairs by the side of the road or in the hotel parking lot are going to be limited.
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By Charlie
Maybe a hard rectangular guitar or rifle case? IIRC it's about 4.5' from seatback to rear bulkhead and those cases are just about right. You would also need to DIY some baffles inside. That seems like a lot of volume for tools though.

https://www.harborfreight.com/9800-weat ... Ljk5In0%3D
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By SeanR
Here's a short list of what Roger and I usually have between us.

Basic tool kit plus a small bag of more specific tools I like to have on hand.
Shark Tuner for those of us who are modded.
Test light
Ohm/volt meter
Breaker bar with 27mm socket (crank pully)
Battery impact gun
relay puller
IR Temp gun
Extendable magnet
Extendable mirror
Grabby tool
8mm/10mm nut drivers
Silicone tape

Took kit
https://www.amazon.com/Crescent-CTK170C ... B00F4AVRGW

Low Profile jack

https://www.harborfreight.com/15-ton-al ... 64545.html

Small jackstands

Spare parts usually include:

53b Relays
Fuel pump
Spare LH computer
Tire plug kit
distilled water
Upper/lower Rad hoses
Hose clamps

It's amazing how many times we've had to use each of these things on a trip with a bunch of 928'ers. One year on the way to 3rd Coast we had a GTS blow an upper rad hose at 165mph. Showered my car with coolant while I was behind him. We didn't have any hoses but we found an aluminum can on the side of the road, cut it to fit around the split on the upper rad hose, hose clamped it in place and covered the entire set up with silicone tape and it worked flawlessly for about 300 miles.

We forgot a tire plug kit and I got a flat out in the boonies, that sucked.

Hans had his crank pulley come off one afternoon and I didn't have my breaker bar or 27mm with me, but drove back to the town we just passed and happened upon a Snap-on truck which had one so I got an extra set up now.

You can never have everything with you that can go wrong, but with a little prep it can make it easier.
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By Future928Owner
EDIT: sorry, I didn't read your full post ; that you want something flat or low profile.

These Husky tool bags at Home Depot are pretty great, IMO. They have a good variety of sizes and layouts you can choose from.

https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-14-in ... /306052550
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By Charlie
Now very interested to see how this turns out. Welding - yikes. This is starting to look uncomfortably familiar - like a lot of my 928 stuff there may be more interest in the project than the outcome. :grinning:

Sean that list is very helpful! I have that jack which I don't use too much but now I know its role.
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By worf
If I respond materially to this thread, I'd be providing the Demon Murphy with a big target.

Oh well...

I bring :
- a spare LH so that I can swap the PEMs from my un-rebuilt original LH when it finally dies.
- my 1/4" Wera kit, Wera ratcheting screwdriver
- a small "Costco" tool kit (sockets, ratchet, etc.)
- a roll of gear wrenches
- a box of 'lectrical stuff: 53 relays, fuses, jumpers, multi-meter, heat sink with final stage amps
- shop manuals on my iPad
- AAA+ card
- credit card
- [sometimes: Bosch Hammer and/or Shark Tuner if going to a gathering]

I do make sure that there's no scheduled maintenance of any kind that's deferred and that my todo list has nothing mission-critical on it. If scheduled maintenance will come due on or shortly after the trip I'll usually accelerate it (e.g. t-belt check, etc.)

In my experience there are two things that kill a 928 dead on the side of the road *without warning*: LH failure, in-tank pump failure ('cause it sends bits into the main pump and seizes it.) IMO, If you regularly (say once per year) inspect your 928 from top to bottom (as in, via my inspection guide) and deal with any findings, your 928 very unlikely to leave you stranded on a trip.

Many, many years ago, I'd load up with an aluminum floor jack, random spares (or spares coordinated with "convoy participants") and enough tools to damn near take a 928 apart. I found that whatever you bring is what you won't need. Although, some of the stuff ends up being of use to others from time to time.
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By GT6ixer
Because my 928 has a small current leak somewhere I carry a portable jump starter like this. These are great and can also charge phones, power laptops etc and has a nice flashlight.
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By RSMartin
Duffle bags.
One that goes under a bed. Long rectangle type works great for those clothes you don't want to fold.
Then stack up from there. Spare tire face down insert aforementioned tools. Pack in 2 medium soft side coolers. Still have room for spare beer. You will be surprised at how much you can pack in these .
For the trip use a moving blanket for a cargo cover.
A proper cover is great for a short stack but your long hauling it. The Mechanics in the group think about....
Well the mechanical. The travelers aka the grizwalds only think about how much can I pack. Whayever you do don't forget the Amex and road side assistance card..


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