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By hernanca
Same as I posted at TOS:

I have one 7x16 928 Phone Dial wheel.

I would like to have another, or two more (so I have a spare).

One might think I have a bunch of them, but all except that one of my many wheels are early & late 944 wheels, plus a set of the flat phone dials (15's). I would like to get closer to the front wheel et65, than what I see with the late 944 fronts I typically run (et52.3).

I know they are verboten on the 86.5, but I test fit the one I have and if I add the 3mm spacer that was mentioned (I believe by hacker on TOS), I will clear the brakes.

I already reached out to 928 International (Mark only has some wonky ones that he is going to take another look at).

Let me know what you got, where you are located, and whether you might be going to the Columbus, OH Renndezvous!

Thank you, in advance!
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By hernanca
Well, :poop: , nevermind!

On a hunch re-mounted the 7x16 et65 928 phone dial wheel on my US 86.5 and took a closer look. Certainly a spacer will help clear the face of the brake caliper, but the outer part of the brake caliper is way closer to the rim than on the 944 8x16 et 53.2 wheel. I had made a bad assumption that these would sit the same distance away and didn't even check it before (rushed for time).

So, this approach to having phone dials AND staying near the stock front et on my 86.5 is a no-go.

Back to your regular programming.
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By worf
Hey… isn’t there a guy doing a run of reproduction Phone Dials?


Too soon?
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By hernanca

Not too soon, but for now I need stock or close to stock front offsets for when I test that new steering rack :biggrin: I do have some white slotted discs I can use if all else fails.

On the future horizon, I have been drawn to some alternative wheel setups, including the one below. Anyone know someone that can make a set from my existing set of 15 inch flat 928 phone dials? These are mounted on 17 inch rims:

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By worf
That’s pretty effin’ cool looking.
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