8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By WyattsRide
Since driving the car again and the ambient temperatures have been in the 70's or 80's I've noticed the engine temps were getting a little higher than I remembered. With the engine fully warmed up while driving the needle was always a little above the middle white line. But, in stop and go traffic and slow speeds it was increasing to just below the top white line. Never in the red. But, then again the most the outside temps were, were in the mid 80's. Higher temps are coming.

Checked the spin resistance of the fan compared to Ed's and found my fan was spinning pretty easily. I must have lost fluid in there.

Using these write up from Wally P and a thread on RL by Chris (Landseer) as guidelines and went ahead and started the rehab.


https://rennlist.com/forums/928-forum/5 ... -fill.html

This is what I bought from a local RC/Hobby store.


Cost about $10 each for the 10k CST bottles and $5 for the bottle with a metal, needle like tip.

After taking off the bimetallic cover, little metal pin and gasket cover, I heated the out edge of the clutch and started squeezing the silicone into the fill hole. Spinning the fan, squeezing more in...Heated, spinning and squeezing over and over. Probably over a couple hours for sure. Spinning the fan in the horizontal position as it was clamped to my table, it didn't seem like the resistance was getting any where.

Finally after getting 3/4 of the 2 oz bottle in, no more would seem to suck in.



I cleaned the little metal pin with 600 grit sand paper and put it back in with gasket cover. Put a dab of RTV on the top of the pin (Per Stan's suggestion)
Put the Bimettallic cover back on and applied more RTV to sides to hold it in place.

After I turned it over in the correct vertical position, the spin resistance was much much better.

Haven't tried driving yet. But, I feel this was a success. We'll see and I'll report back
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By linderpat
Nice write up Rick! :thumbup:
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By WyattsRide
linderpat wrote:Nice write up Rick! :thumbup:
Thanks. But, I intended on taking more pictures as I was doing it. That didn't happen.

Also, I drove it about 20 some miles last night and the outside temps were in the low 80's. Some spirited driving and some real slow 1st gear 2nd gear only driving. The needle stayed slightly below the middle white line. Never above that. :rockon:

More testing required!!
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By Gary Knox
WyattsRide wrote:More testing required!!
Like a trip to Carlisle next week!! Hope to see you there. Safe travels as well.

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By Mrmerlin
For the cost and time effort,
i would buy a new fan clutch.
Roger has them 185.00 this will cure your running hot issues.
I have done the refill the fan trick and gotten better cooling but it doesnt last as long as a fresh new part does,
also consider the amount of time it takes and the mess that the spilled oil makes after you put it in the fan hub.
you could put in a new part and drive on also a good time to check the shaft bearings he has them as well
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By Hey_Allen
Thank you for posting this thread, and reminding me that I was intending to do this as well!

I just did this on my car as well, but had seen a different method described, using a standard syringe (no needle required).
~30ml of the same fluid was filled into mine and it went from overheating to staying well within the "normal" range, and didn't require any heat cycles.

This only took around 30 minutes, and half of that was removing/reinstalling the fan assembly on my engine.
I thought about taking pictures and sharing them, but it was fairly well described in one of the nichols.nu comments.
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