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By Stepson
This upcoming DFW First Saturday Breakfast will be at Southern Recipe Grill in North Arlington April 1, 2023 at 8am !!!

Southern Recipes Grill
2715 North Collins
Arlington, Texas 76006

As always, you don't have to drive a 928 or even own one to attend this breakfast, you just have to enjoy the brand, but we would all love to see your car with you in it.

This is the 4th breakfast GTG of 2023 and we look forward to seeing everyone as always. Please come and show off your pristine 928 or share the progress of your project car with the group. There is a typically a lot of 928 knowledge shared at these events.

If your 928 is not drivable, drive what you can to get to the breakfast and we can discuss the issues your 928 currently presents. If you have questions, bring the parts you are working with (if possible) and we can all put eyes on it and see what's happening. What you are working on now is what someone else may need to work on in the future.

And as always bring your extra parts, there might be someone in attendance who might need those very parts. If you have specific 928 tools and know how to use them, bring them along and we will let you show us how to use them. If you don't know how to use them, someone at the breakfast can show you what you need to know.

The Sharks in the Mountain event is coming up the first weekend in June in Banner Elk, N.C. It's an epic event, friendly folks, and a great drive from DFW to get there. Make your plans now.
The 928 Rendezvous is planned for the last weekend in July in Columbus, OH. The Rendezvous is in a different city each time. Try to get there if you can

We typically have around 20 folks at these monthly breakfasts and we look forward to seeing you at this one :)

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By Stepson
Running but not quite driving yet ?
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By Stepson
Another good breakfast GTG in the books. 20+ something good 928 folks, and even a Ferrari guy named Mark showed up. :) The next breakfast is slated for May 6. Put it on your calendars, but I'll send a reminder.
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By sh944
I am really hoping I can make the drive down from KC one of these days for this gathering…
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By Stepson
Only 540 miles.....It would be a great trip to stretch the legs on your car.
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