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By tungsten
I swear I saw somewhere that it was recommended that the final step of the Alusil honing/polishing process be done everytime the rings were changed, to maximize the chances of seating and sealing.

Is that still true or has newer conventional wisdom superseded? My bores look great, but some serious WYIT work meant that the pistons came out. The best-recommended machine shop in my area just said they won't touch Alusil bores unless they're putting in steel liners, so what's the best approach moving forward? I'm not terribly far from LN Engineering but I still think they're only doing their proprietary coatings and liners.
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By worf
I’m not sure of any new conventional wisdom. Folks have used new Goetze rings as is and not reported horrible results.

If you don’t have a shop that is confident with Alusil then that may be the answer you seek.

I’m not willing to opine one way or the other without knowing a lot more about the specific circumstances.

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