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By hessank
1989 S4 manual

What are the tricks for installing a new cable I just ordered from Roger?
I am able to remove both cups from the balls at the quadrant as well as at the pedal.
However, these two junctions look scary (see pics)
By worf
I’ve done that job once and it was a while ago. I don’t recall tricks other than gymnastics.

I think that when you get the new cable it will be obvious.

IIRC the firewall “junction” is just a rubber grommet. There might be a retainer on the interior side. Don’t recall.
By Benno
Use some synthetic assembly grease on the firewall grommet when pressing it into the firewall. It helps make it easier. The WSM has a specification the adjustment of the end that is installed on the accelerator pedal.
By hessank
Yes, that's what I did Mike. I had some Redline Assembly Lube that I used.
Car now idles a lot better .
By hessank
Ok, I won't. I'll throw it into the spare tire well
By maddog2020
the reason I say don't throw it away is because you can only buy it as an assembly, and the parts of it are still good, like the little rubber donut inside the loop where it hooks onto the gas pedal if you don't want it I'd happily pay shipping for it.
By hessank
NP Stirling.
This is what it looks like; I was messing with the cable that's why it's so messed up.
New one should be good for another 30+ years so it'll be my son's problem, lol

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