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By U-928
So I've just come to crushing realization that these beautiful headers I've been hording for over a decade won't fit my project.
I was under the impression apparently 10+ years ago these would fit a 16V ::facepalm::

Anyone looking for a set? Brand new, never installed, in/out Jet-hot coated. 32V 3-bolt head flanges. 1.5" Primaries, 3" collectors.

I don't even know what to ask for them, as they're not available anywhere. It also means I'm in the market for a nice set of 16V headers, if anyone has a line on a set.

Full album in link.
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By maddog2020
it would be good to measure the diameter of the primaries, as I recall they made several different versions. These are a step up from the old MSDS headers back in the day but MSDS upped their ante and added really nice collectors.
here is how I order the headers for the 928 on a scale of 1-5

2 Original MSDS headers 2 (originally these were the only headers available, using 1960's tech where all primaries were a different length) (easy to install)
3 Devek Level 2 (original equal length headers, downside is stamped/swedged collectors with no vanes to direct the flow)
3 Current MSDS headers (original design upgraded with good quality collectors)
4 Devek Level 3 (same as level 2 but larger primaries)
5 928 International headers (that were sold for a while and race only config)
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By linderpat
I'll bet Mark Anderson (928 Intl) would be interested in them. He would be able to value them and sell them.
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