8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By grepin
Is there a correct size for our Porsche Hard fuel lines to go to an AN compression tube adapter. I think I am at the point where I have destroyed my feed line fitting trying to get it apart. Mainly due to its awkward locations. I am stepping up to AN 6 anyway so it might be neater anyway. It measures a little over 10mm which is at odds to the standard size adapters.

By Crumpler
What mods did George have in that car anyway ?
I can’t remember. I only remember that he had close to record speed trials right?
By hessank
That was yours truly making the inquiry.
After what Speedtoys wrote (Post #6) I decided against it
By maddog2020
this is just an opinion, but the factory pressure regulator and dampers are overbuilt, and might be needed due to the batch firing of all 8 injectors at one time, every time. That has to wreak havoc with the fuel pressure. Most newer cars with sequential injection, only need one pressure regulator and no dampers needed. I'm not sure how the direct injection setups are plumbed.

I'm running a single fuel pressure regulator with -6 to and from the rails. easy peasy.
By worf
maddog2020 wrote: Tue Dec 20, 2022 12:29 pm I'm not sure how the direct injection setups are plumbed.
I haven’t cared about it (yet.) But DFI systems run at a Zillionty PSI. Pressure variation and pulse effects from (sequential) injection events is probably at “noise” level. If not, not too much code required to compensate for modeled pressure decrease at WOT. CPU cycles to burn baby…
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