8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By Tony
I will say now that I have the utmost respect for video editors, directors, producers etc. Getting video is easy. What you do with it and how it looks it is another story.

I got to the point where i figured my car deserved a little video love.

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By Crumpler
Absolutely. Fantastic.

It should be mandatory viewing at every PCA meeting.
911 owners taped into their chairs.
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By worf
Crumpler wrote: Wed Nov 30, 2022 7:17 pm 911 owners taped into their chairs.
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By ALKada
Nice, Tony. I know how long it takes to edit then process video so, good job!
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By jej3
Awesome video and even MORE AWESOME car :)
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By linderpat
Nice vid, and awesome car!
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By hernanca

Driver's tray gauge cluster - unique & nice clean install.

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By JMW928
great job!
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By Designer
Beautiful car and top-notch videography and editing.

I won't ask how long that took to do. Labor of loves don't count. :beerchug:
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By Sazerac
Tony, very nice!

I envy you a car with something other than a black interior. Also it's in great shape and presents great!

Everytime I try to photograph something my black interior(s) swallows everything. Probably would be the same with video.
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