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By ChrisZ
Window came down on the 86.5 928S this afternoon, took the door panel off and sure enough the regulator had detached from the window. Found half of the roller/bushing that goes on the end of the regulator and into the little window channel, it had broken in half.

Can this part be sourced/replaced by itself or do I need a new regulator?

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By worf
If I parse your text correctly the answer to the question posed by the thread title is: “Yes.”

1C yes?

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By ChrisZ
Right. Roger has parts 1c and 1d. I'll have to drill out 1d and re-peen the new part in, but should not be too difficult.

Now to refresh my memory, can I get the regulator out without taking off the motor, or should I take off the motor first then remove?
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By Addlight
It think it's easier if you take out the motor (not even sure if you can do it without, as I've always pulled the motor). It comes out with just a few bolts and a connector, and removing it makes it much easier to line everything up for install. Plus, removing the motor gives you a chance to clean and lube it.

If you can, get the window in the up position and then use masking tape to hold it up there. It makes removal and install easier.

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By ChrisZ
Ok, thanks for the memory refresh. Waiting on the part to come, when it arrives I'll pull the motor, then the lift after securing the window in the up position.

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