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By JBRob007
ATTENTION: Rendezvous 928 Sharks Discover Columbus 2023[/b]

This is a LONG post, but it's important so please take your time and take it all in...
Preliminary details for 2023 Rendezvous 928 "Sharks Discover Columbus" in Dublin (Columbus), OH.

The 928 Buckeye Landsharks are hosting this year’s Rendezvous 928 Sharks Discover Columbus... so you know it’s going to be “off the charts!” This year’s event is being held in conjunction with the Arthritis Foundation’s Classic Auto Show (CAS) and Cruise-In. This is the CAS 40th Anniversary which is the primary fundraiser for the Central Ohio Arthritis Foundation. This year Porsche is a featured marque and Rendezvous 928 is a special guest of the show with special parking along the entrance.

Date: July 20 – 22, 2023. Ink it in on your calendars!!

Location: CAS and Rendezvous 928 will be located in Dublin, Ohio, at 800 Metro Place North. We’ll post the Arthritis Foundation CAS information and registration website as soon as it’s updated for 2023 and we’ve worked out the registration details for Rendezvous.

Hotel Accommodations: The Rendezvous hotel is the Double Tree by Hilton, which is a newly renovated Hilton property. We have a block of 25 rooms reserved for Rendezvous participants. The cost per night is $159. The advantage of this hotel is it is co-located on site and everything is within walking distance of the Hotel. Note: REGISTRATION IS NOT AVAILABLE YET… BUT WILL BE OPEN IN EARLY JANUARY 2023. We’ll let you know when and post links for registration.

Sponsors, Swag & Offerings: The sponsors, 928 Owners Club, and the hosts 928 BLS Club have finagled Scott Martin and Shawn Stafford to design a Rendezvous 928 Sharks Discover Columbus challenge coin, shirts, window stickers, and lots of other SWAG. Shawn is also designing labels for a very limited run of 928 Buckeye Landsharks commemorative Bourbon and Limoncello spirits. A few commemorative boxes of Rendezvous 928 cigars, rolled just for this event, may also be available! The Bourbon, Limoncello and Cigar offerings will be in addition to any registration costs and are first come / first served. Once they’re gone… they’re gone. We’re still working out the details, costs, etc. 928 BLS members Joel Roberts and Dave Sheppard are getting this together as I type…

Schedule of events: The Arthritis Foundation Classic Auto Show (CAS) is a multi-day event from July 20th - 22nd.

It starts on Thursday, July 20th, with the Rolling Legends tour. Final plans have not been set but the destination is the Honda factory & museum in Marysville, OH, ending up at a party hosted by Hagerty at Bridgepark in Dublin, OH, with special parking for participants. It’s an enlightening destination and the party is a BLAST!

Friday, July 21st, features an all-day Classic Car Cruise-In on the site of CAS with food trucks, refreshments, live bands and FIFTY 6-foot trophies awarded, which all adds up to a helluva kick-off at a wonderful venue. Unlike Saturday’s more organized show, Friday's Cruise-In parking is not reserved and you can park your shark anywhere on site. For those of us not interested in live bands and 6’ trophies, we are also planning a 928 fun-run to parts west of Columbus for a late lunch at Uncle Beth’s BBQ – the brisket is to die for! The fun run ends up late in the afternoon at Horsepower Farms in Powell, OH - a car condo / man cave community. The owner invited all 928 owners to come out & relax with liquid refreshments & cigars provided by the 928 Buckeye Landsharks. With any luck, we may get a few owners to open their man caves and show off some wonderful collections.

Saturday, July 22nd, is the main CAS event with judging of all registered vehicles – approximately 1,000 entries from Pre-War to Exotics and absolutely everything in between. This is a great car show with tons of every car imaginable and all proceeds go to the Arthritis Foundation. Rendezvous participants will show off their sharks via reserved 928 parking along the show’s main (only) entrance on Metro Place North and wrapping around the pond on the grass (no roasting on a hot black top parking lot).

There will be Twelve 1st Place Porsche trophies awarded, including Six 928 specific trophies ranging from best OBs to GTSs. We’ll also have a few special 928 Buckeye Landshark trophies for Longest Drive, Best 928 Overall (judged by Rendezvous participants), and the 928 “Most Likely to Not Start”… 😉 More information on specific 928 classes will be available when registration opens in early January.

That’s all for now! Looking forward to participating in the best Rendezvous 928 ever, hosted by the Best Damn Car Club on the Planet…
THE 928 Buckeye Landsharks!

Fins Up!

Mike Buccicone, President
Joel Roberts, Vice President and Lead Cheerleader
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By linderpat
It's going to be awesome! It will mean missing the PVGP for the first time in memory though, but that's okay by me.
By JBRob007

We’ve run into some minor administrative issues, but hope to have registration links for Rendezvous, both AF Show events and the hotel posted as soon as possible.

Please ensure you put this event on your calendar and plan to attend. Sorry in advance for the delay.

Joel & Mike
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By JBRob007
Registration is OPEN!! We’ll get the link posted on here. In the meantime, see the 928 Rendezvous Sharks Discover Columbus sticky thread at that other site… over there… :hiding:

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By JBRob007
We’re at 57 sharks after only ONE week! Sign up now for the best Rendezvous 928 on the planet! Sharks Discover Columbus!!!!
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By maddog2020
Mine's not up and running yet, and a long way to go. I can register the hotel as I have hilton points to burn. I won't really know if I can make it until late april or may, but registered and booked.
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By JBRob007
No worries. To quote Frank from Everyone Loves Raymond “HOLY CRAP!!!!”

After only ONE WEEK of registrations we’ve hit 60 cars! Wow!! Not in our wildest dreams did we figure on tying, maybe surpassing, the PVGP “Book Ends” event last year!

As sharks appear to be coming from out of nowhere (as if there’s blood in the water) the list of truly spectacular 928s keeps growing! The 928 community is truly amazing and we are humbled by the response 😎

Mike and I discussed this for all of two seconds this a.m. before deciding to keep Sharks Discover Columbus REGISTRATION OPEN!!

Damn the torpedoes! We’ll figure out how to pay for it later.

Rendezvous 928 Sharks Discover Columbus is gonna be EPIC!! Thanks to all of you! 😎
By JBRob007
We’re currently at 67 sharks registered! 😎
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By JBRob007
We are currently at 72 sharks and 112 participants registered. We have only 8 Swag Bags remaining and 34 bourbons and 6 limoncellos. Miss out on this event and you’ll regret it. Register now for Rendezvous and both AF Car Shows! It’s gonna be a blast!!

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