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By Addlight
Like many, I've had a nearly complete toolkit for my 86.5, missing only the pliers. The tools in my kit are stamped "Klein" but I found that "Hapewe" also provided tools for Porsche toolkits. Does anyone know if the pliers were Klein or Hapewe? Both are German.

It probably doesn't matter since I bought a used set of used 6.5" Hapewes that are a perfect fit in the tray slot and I'll keep them, but I was curious.

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By h2pmr
hi Matt
these are genuine -i think- but there are no makers marks on them anywhere.
little cut out's opposite sides of the pivot point for cutting wire
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By Addlight

For 86.5, the handles don't have the rubber covers. They are just bare metal. Here is what I purchased, and it is the same linesman style you have, but says Hapewe and Germany on the handles. The seller said they came from a MB 380SL toolkit, but fit perfectly.


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