8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By ChrisZ
Ok, I replaced the seats on my 944S and every time I sit in it I feel happy. And every time I sit in my 928S' shot seats I feel sad.

Does anyone have a spare pair (or even the driver's side) of blue leather seats for an 86.5 or earlier? The important part is the seats themselves are in good shape, I can fabricate the bushings and swap motors but I'm really tired of looking at these, and rebuilding might not be possible.

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By Gary Knox
Classic 9 in MI could probably rebuild the seat to 'like new'. Been doing primarily Porsche interior restorations for many years. Original owner and long time upholsterer Rob Budd has owned several 928's, and currently owns a GTS.

Mark Anderson at 928 International in Anaheim may have a 'good' replacement. He's been dismantling 928's as a business for over 20 years.


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