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By Gary Knox
I saw today that the GTS previously owned by Greg Schickles (KY) is now for sale on BAT. Extensive engine work has been done recently by Precision Motors. A 'strange' comment is made regarding an 'inspection of the left center pillar' in the writeup and in the CarFax.

Do any of you other old timers remember Greg from SITM or other activities? I 'seem' to remember there was a fairly serious crash that Greg had with this car, but don't remember any of the details. If you remember them, wouldn't it be appropriate for that to be made available to potential buyers? 928 community is fairly small, and if this was a fairly serious incident, it will ultimately become known - better before sale than after in my opinion.

Listing is here: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1993- ... 28-gts-33/

By worf
Greg’s crash was in his concours-condition ‘88. He still has the ‘88.

I have no knowledge of any crashes on this GTS. But “the crash” was his ‘88.

Many 928s seem to have body work on at least one butt cheek at this point. Seems like that was a lesson in the difference between winter and summer tires for many many 928 owners. And when not that, it was getting rear ended.

As far as “community” is concerned, I’ve seen that “community” has a high chance of being tossed out the window by sellers or prospective sellers. Many sellers don’t want educated buyers. After getting condemnations on all channels from previous attempts, I no longer post on BaT or For Sale Threads in a manner meant to be helpful or enlightening.
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By Gary Knox

Thanks for refreshing (and correcting) my antique memory. Remembered a snippet, but not enough detail. You very well filled in the missing parts.

By Erik N
Not to derail the thread, but my '78 is still more or less for sale. I would WANT an educated buyer in the community, frankly. Blood is thicker than water.
By worf
Erik N wrote: Tue Oct 04, 2022 2:47 pm Not to derail the thread, but my '78 is still more or less for sale. I would WANT an educated buyer in the community, frankly. Blood is thicker than water.
This is the conundrum. The educated buyer knows to buy based upon inspected functional condition and restoration(*) history. The uneducated buyer buys upon cosmetic condition and mileage only.

This, for cars that will be driven. For “collector” cars that will never be driven, only cosmetics and mileage matters.

By all rights (nee-)Greg’s GTS should sell for $120k or more. But, I suspect it will be bought for slightly less than Doc Brown’s bill.

I’d like to be proven wrong.

(*) The newest 928 is 27 years old. Service history - how it was fixed when broken and when scheduled maintenance was done - is irrelevant. Well, not irrelevant. But, what is more relevant is work to keep it from breaking and work to replace items that, while they might work, still, sort-of, are well past their design lifetimes.

Not including “upgrades” it’s an $80k proposition (parts, services, labor) to take a typical fixed-when-broken 928 and make it functionally new again.
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