8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By maddog2020
I had a local shop rebuild half a dozen hoses today, and clocking and length was bad on 5 of the 6, 2 Of them were the later oil cooler lines which are stupid expensive. ($600+ each) Found these when trying to figure out how to proceed .

https://www.improvedracing.com/porsche- ... apter.html

https://eliteracefab.com/products/radiu ... 2787986600

should be able to get the ends that connect to the block welded up with -10 AN mail fittings.
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By Sazerac
I didn't want to "kind of" hi-jack your thread, so I waited awhile before posting this.
I actually had GB rebuild my hoses to the double cooler version both external and internal to the radiator. These were actually not so easy to clock either and took a while to iron the leaks out, but I am happy with solution.
However you do it, and for those on the sidelines, it's important to change those hoses by now...
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By maddog2020
the problem with GB is that he runs his biz like a child. today he likes you and sells to you but tomorrow he dislikes you and has Mary leave you a message telling you to not call anymore. A lot of people have decided to forgo the childish games and find other alternatives.

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