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By Gary Knox
Mrmerlin very recently replaced the Front and Rear shocks and almost all of the suspension rubber on my '95 GTS with 150K miles (Thank you Stan). I've owned 6 previous 928's, ranging from '87 to '94, and with 55K to 120K on the odo when I bought them. This is the first time I've ever driven a 928 with essentially new suspension rubber. There was a thread about such replacement about 6-8 months ago on Rennlist, which intrigued me enough to start saving bucks to buy all the needed components (Rob Edwards so nicely listed all the suspension components with part numbers in that thread). After 2 days of driving the car a total of about 100 miles, I am truly amazed at how effective the 'like new' Weissach rear suspension is in any kind of significant curves taken at moderate speeds. The car now actually feels like it has 4 wheel steering when driving onto an entrance or exit ramp type curve..

The ONLY suspension components that contain rubber which were not replaced were front upper A arms, as they were good, rear outer control arm bushings (which are very difficult to install, and were in good condition), and the rear sway bar bushings (which again are nearly impossible to access/install).

Anyone who wants to improve their 928's handling should definitely seek to replace those two pieces at the rear axle (called Rocker bar or Weissach bushings), .Probably the best $500 'parts' investment you can make in upgrading the fun quotient of driving your car. At the present time, I think 928 International and 928sRus may be the only sources, as they are NLA at Porsche (so, they are classified as 'aftermarket'). Thank you Mark A. for initiating the production of these bushings.

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By worf
I have nothing constructive to add other than “yup! Sure does!”

And a link to my thread on replacing bushings in the rear control arms:

Rear Control Arm Bushing Replacement
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