8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By Gary Knox
Not going to state an opinion one way or the other on this, but after decades of religiously changing oil on a 12 month basis, even with 1K -3K mileage, over the past few years I've occasionally gone a couple of years with cars that I'm driving less than 1.5K per year, have top grade pure synthetic oil installed, and are always garaged..

Anyway, I did find the testing and the results interesting.

By Bertrand Daoust
I change the oil in the 928 every two years.
I do about 5k kms each year. May to October.
I change it last year (April) but only put about 2k since.
By worf
Yaw’ll saw my post on ToS.

Doug Hillary’s oil analysis reports showed that M1 was actually arguably slightly better than new after a couple of thousand miles.
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