8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By Fadec
This may be a stupid question…what’s the proper operation of the headlights?

My headlights go up and down fine with the switch, but if I turn the car off with the headlight up/on they stay up and on. I have to turn the ignition switch back on activate the light switch to get them to lower. Is there anyway to get the lights up without them coming on?
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By smiffypr
The lights should go off when the switch is switched off. Something is wrong with yours. Either someone has altered the wiring or the relay is faulty.
Normally if you switch the ignition off first then turn the lights off the lamps will be up but off.
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By worf
That - ^
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By maddog2020
it could also be a defective ignition switch. years back I had funky headlight behavior when going over railroad crossings. my headlights would go up and down, and it turned out to be the ignition switch.
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