8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By Stepson
My rear AC blower motor was making some noise last year on the way to SITM. I don't use the rear AC blower a lot, but during the trip back to DFW from Banner Elk and somewhere around West Memphis, the motor let out a loud squeal and died. If you haven't removed a rear AC blower motor from a late model 928, you are in for a treat!!! Every screw and bolt undone in that area falls under the blower motor and apparently the motor magnets stick those screws and bolts to the backside/underneath/inside of the still installed motor, but since I haven't gotten the blower motor out yet, that's just a guess.

Figuring out where all those screws and bolts go will be fun due to the length of time between removing and installing and the effects of CRS.

Wish me luck, because I have another 928 that has the exact same problem and I have to fix it as well. :drink:
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By jschiller
I was in the same pickle so I bought a used assembly from Mark, rebuilt it with new brushes and greased the bearings, then installed it the same day I pulled the old one. CRS is a bitch!
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By ChrisZ
Sounds familiar. Take pics of the motor as you tear it down, I just did the same thing with the front blower.


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