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By jej3
Many of the Porsche 928 community are gathering in Banner Elk, NC this weekend to celebrate the annual "Sharks in the Mountains" gathering. I've been blessed to meet some great people through this community and found some who just had an undying passion for "meeting" up with the owners spread across the country and the world.

One of these people was Harvey Carlisle (@Harvey928). I had the great fortune of visiting Harvey in South Dakota when he hosted the Rendezvous 928 - Sharks in the Badlands event mid-pandemic. My father had just passed and I needed that 16 day, 21 state, 6800 mile road trip. What I needed more was to be close to friends who just wanted to talk and enjoy cars.

Harvey (and others) were just what I needed and Harvey has been that kind of friend for some time.

I am truly sad to report that Harvey Carlisle passed away last night in North Carolina while travelling with his mother. No doubt he was pushing himself harder than he should to continue living life on the borrowed time he had (due to his health).

I am incredibly sad to hear this news. Even though there were many miles and many months between seeing each other, our love for cars, specifically 928s, became part of the bond. I was fortunate to have him enjoy our condo in St. Augustine. He did stuff I've never done like swimming with dolphins at Marineland, skydiving and he was even the President of the town of Cottonwood. With a population of 9, they were too small for him to be the Mayor

Harvey truly lived life to the fullest and organized the most memorable car event I'll ever participate in, the Second Annual Rendezvous 928 - Sharks in the Badlands, event.
https://rennlist.com/forums/928-forum/1 ... 020-a.html

Please keep Harvey's family and friends, especially Barb - who shared this news with me - in your thoughts and prayers.

Rest in Peace, Harvey.

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By Bertrand Daoust
Very sad news.
I had the pleasure to meet Harvey few times and always had a great time with him.
The first time was at Frenzy. Don't remember the year. 2012 maybe...
We both had a 1991 S4 and spent quite a lot of time speaking about the car and our love about the 928.
The second time was at SITM few years after. I remember very well that it was like seeing an old friend again...

I was expecting to see him again with great pleasure this Summer at the PVGP and/or Frenzy.
It won't happen.
I'm so sad and shocked...

RIP my friend Harvey.
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By ChrisZ
Yep, Harvey was a neat person and it's weird to think he's not going to be here.
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By SeanR
When Hans got the call Friday morning this news hit hard. Just talked to Harvey a few days before hand and he was telling us about his latest heart attack and how he wasn't going to make it to SITM. Told him to just take it easy and relax so he can make it to the next event. He joked he had too much whiskey and was going to bring me some and I told him he knew where the post office was. Apparently he had a family member pass away last week and he and his mother were heading down to North Carolina to attend the service and it seems he just pushed himself too far.

I picked up a bottle of Fireball so we could honor Fireball Harvey on Friday evening and thanks to Hans for leading that toast.
He's going to be missed.
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By WyattsRide
Sorry to hear about losing any 928 friend. I don't recall if I ever met Harvey in person. But, his face does look familiar.

RIP Harvey. Prayers for his family.
By JBRob007
Rick, You've met Harvey at Frenzy... even though we sometimes have a hard time remembering anything from Frenzy :drunk: He was a great guy who was small in stature but big in personality and he was always SMILING... always. He wore a small little checkered fedora hat the last time I saw him in VA. I didn't know him well, but of the few times we've met he treated me, and everyone else, like family. I'm sure there will be multiple toasts raised & stogies lit in honor of Harvey, and Dave Roberts, at PVGPR and Frenzy.

RIP my friends.
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