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By Bertrand Daoust

I'm about to install the stock tensioner on my car and need new mounting bolts.
I already have the top one (that goes through the center cover).
I know that I need two M8 x 55 (left and right upper arrows).

My question is what size is the lower bolt?
What lenght I need?

I check in PET and it says M8 x 60.
60 mm is not long enough...

The pic is from Dwayne's procedure.
You can see that the longer bolt is more than 5mm than the shorter one.

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By worf
With the proper length bolts dropped into each hole, the length of bolt protruding from the tensioner casting on the mounting face will be the same for all bolts.

Make sense?
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By Bertrand Daoust
Makes perfect sense.

The 55 mm bolts is about 14 mm longer than the casting wich is about 38 mm.
As the casting for the longer bolt is about 56, I would think that the longer one would be about 70 mm long.

60 is definately not enough...
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By worf
I was just out in the shop and remembered this thread.

I checked the last "Inventory" sheets from the last two cad-plate batches I did.

The tensioner bolts, exclusive of the center belt cover are:
1 M8 x 75
2 M8 x 55
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