8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By Daniel5691
I love my current 928 project, lots of fun, will it ever drive again? Hell, who knows. The fun is the hobby.

One the other hand, by the grace of God I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work and the desire to work hard my whole childhood and adult life. I now have my last 2 kid's college PAID IN FULL. Thank God. My budget just eased up.

I am starting to seriously think about my DREAM 928.
Purpose: This car will be used by me and my wife to make multiple U Boat patrols cross country to visit all the places that make America great. North, South, East, and especially West, you better watch out, we're coming. So, a long distance cruiser.
1) Reliability is number 1
Which of the 928s would be considered the top for over the road reliability?
Does it only depend on owner/maintenance factors, or do certain models years stand out for long distance travel reliability?
2) Safety is number 2.
Brakes and suspension upgrades >>as they fit the long range cruising mission<< .
I would also like to install the state of the art lighting, I want to be able to peel the asphalt off the highway 30 miles away if needed,
I also want navigation and low visibility gear, including automotive FLIR application.
3) Comfort is number 3, the ninja supermodel is going to need a chair to end all chairs, heated, massage, cooled, etc....
SO that's my start.
4) has to be appearance. As a little boy, I had a wonderful recurring dream about a copper-colored 928, the color of a penny. I would like a matching/ complementing tartan interior.
Feel free to chime in. My time frame is 4 years from May 15 2022 and off we go.
By Don Smith
Congrats on where you are at, now.
Your dream is realistic. I would start by finding the owner of “Just Peachy”.
All the best of luck in your search. Enjoy your new financial freedom.
By worf
Don Smith wrote: Thu Apr 14, 2022 6:32 am Your dream is realistic. I would start by finding the owner of “Just Peachy”.
Yeah. Buy one that’s ‘done.’
By linderpat
Honestly Daniel, you have really described all models of the 928. With respect to comfort, all years are equally comfortable. With respect to reliability, get one that is done, as others have said, is your best bet. Nevertheless, the early year 16 valve cars are easier to work on if something does happen while you’re on the road. They are simpler. As to brakes, it is a Porsche, therefore the brakes are for the period in which it was made the best that there was. Having said that, there have been obviously evolution and progress in the brake systems. So anything with the S4 brakes and up would be your best bet that way. That would mean an 86.5 and beyond. However, I have never felt that the brakes were inadequate on my 78 or on my 84, my 2 85’s, or my 86.5. As to appearance, the 9 to 8 speaks for itself. I still do strongly feel that it is the most beautiful car ever made. That is very subjective, obviously. I do prefer the early body style over the S4 and beyond. I found that the S4 upgrades made the front end and the rear look heavier (in profile). Even with that, they are still more beautiful than just about anything else on the road. Looking forward to following your journey.
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