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By worf
I have a pretty-good condition '87/'88 Fuel Injection Harness that I will not be using on a build (*).

It's from an unknown-mileage early-'87. But, I believe the mileage, based upon condition of the motor as observed during disassembly to the short block to be on the order of 30k-miles(**). It's not "baked" completely. All of the connector boots are uncracked except for the Mass-Air-Sensor connector boot. Fuel injector leads are still flexible.

$550 plus shipping.

If any Open-Roaders are interested, I'll post some pictures and provide a more detailed assessment of condition in the next few days.

If not, in the coming weeks, I'll post it on TOS.

(*) I'm not using it because this motor is being updated to '89 spec and is getting a new Kroon harness.

(**) Aluminum oil pump gear in *perfect* condition, no signs of typical wear on other bits and pieces of engine.
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