8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By ChrisZ
At Frenzy a few years ago I met someone who said they did seat rebuilds/recovers up in Wisconsin. Anyone know who that was, or if someone else east of the Mississippi does a good job?

Alternately just how difficult is it to do, I have two 928 and 2 944S seats that need a real recovering and fixing of the underlying stuffin....
By Gary Knox
Are you sure it was in Wisconsin? Rob Budd, who was the owner of Classic 9 Leather in Michigan attends Frenzy nearly every year. He recently sold the business, but the 'upholsterer' is the new owner, as I understand. Still the same high level of expertise - primarily in Porsche seats, but also in other domestic and foreign as well. Classic9leathershop.com

The key is the quality of pattern for the leather upholstery. Removal and installation of new covers is pretty straight forward. Probably a few posts on the 'R' forum.

By jschiller
I had my seats done by Sonderwerks (https://www.sonderwerks.com/) in North Carolina. They did a wonderful job. Highly recommended. Talk to Dave there, he'll fix you up.
By ChrisZ
Thanks, I sent them a message. Wonder if they could do it while I wait so to speak, I am planning on driving down for SITM this year. Say when is SITM now that I think about it.
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