8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By worf
For UK folks, do yaw'll have any indication that Kroon is still in business?

I've sent two contact requests, a week apart, and have received no response.

Does anyone have an e-mail address for them?

I plan to call, but keep getting distracted during UK business hours.
By h2pmr
what do they do in the UK?
By worf
h2pmr wrote: Fri Feb 04, 2022 3:56 pm Kroon?
what do they do in the UK?
Doh! Thanks for the assist :banghead:

By worf
SeanR wrote: Sat Feb 05, 2022 9:53 am Roger's got a shipment of brown/blue connectors coming in, and may have showed up this week if that's what you are looking for.
Chuckle. No. I need an ‘89 LH harness and don’t want a repeat from their first one (see TOS thread.)

Anybody got an email address of a real person there?
By worf
Thanks Sterling.
By worf
maddog2020 wrote: Mon Feb 07, 2022 7:35 pm did you end up getting ahold of them?
Haven’t gotten to it yet. Was on the docket for today, but other scheduled stuff expanded into a 16-hour day. So, tomorrow.
By worf
maddog2020 wrote: Mon Feb 07, 2022 9:02 pm keep in mind that tomorrow morning for us is tomorrow night for them. shoot them a message now, and you're hitting their inbox 1st thing in the morning.
Yeah. I strive to make only one bonehead mistake per thread and as of post #1 I’m done with that.
By maddog2020
I've given up on that for myself years ago. now I just try to sprinkle my mistakes across multiple threads so they are difficult to capture all in one thread. :hiding:

oh and there is a goodson carbide scraper that is like a majic wand for removing loctite 574 from blocks....
By Sazerac
Gerard used [email protected] when we did the PSD bleed harness exercise, and he responded within 24 hours every time.
By worf
Epilogue: I got in touch with Gerard. All's well on the Injection Harness front.
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