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By ChrisZ
So yesterday it was 60 degrees and I figured I would swap out the tires on the 928 for the Blizzaks. They're good, but the front one just touch the brake shroud ducts so I figured I'd wait a bit. But I did install the rear ones.

Wake up this morning to 6 inches of wet, slippery SNOW! YAY! Took the car out, it went right up the 30 degree hill with no problem at all. Drove out to get gas, up the local hill past the abandoned cars that had piddly all season tires, got gas, came home.

Went down the driveway slowly and car drifted into the flowerbed. Was able to back it out (once again up the 30 degree hill) but with normal tires on front steering was not great. So noted: I do need to replace all 4 tires, will do once it warms up a bit.

Still, those tires are *GOOD*. I passed a couple of trucks that were stuck at the bottom of a hill. Purrs right on up.
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By MFranke
I find the 928 is overall a really great car on snow and ice. I remember driving my 88 S4 home in the January 2014 Atlanta ice storm, where thousands of cars were stranded, but it got me home. I'm sure the LSD helps but also this was with regular street tires. You have to be careful on the icy hills. Manage your momentum. Also, for many years before that, this same 928 served well in Chicago winters and northern Ohio winters as my daily driver. This is again with regular all season tires. WIth actual snow tires, I imagine the 928 would be even better!
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By ChrisZ
Yeah I was caught in snow once a few years ago. Drove it to a safe place on racing tires but I was trying to figure out why it fishtailed every time I let off the gas. Then it hit me: Automatic transmission so I would just put it in neutral and let it roll.

Hitting the brakes I gained a new appreciation for the 1986 era ABS system. Every wheel was chattering LOUDLY but the car would slow down and stop straight. Better than I could ever do in my 944S.
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