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By jschiller
I will be waking my car after a 2 year nap and I want to be prepared for the first start. So I'm looking for recommendations for extinguishers. This is not my area of expertise so I need help in understanding what to look for and buy. The first will be for the garage and the second for an eventual in-car extinguisher. I did no engine work on the car during its shutdown so I'm not worried about any fuel system screwup I may have committed but I want to be ready just in case.

What is considered adequate for a unit for the garage? 5 lb? 10 lb? BC or ABC? Anything to stay away from or to look for in an extinguisher?

The in-car unit is less important at the moment but I will want one once I'm back on the road. So the same questions apply. Size, working material and location would seem important here too. What about clean-up issues if it has to be used? Is the Element extinguisher still the go to in-car unit or is there something better?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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By N_Jay
Get a CO2 extinguisher for that first start, and any time you think you might have an issue.
Dry-Chem are great for emergencies, but a bitch to clean up.
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By SeanR
I keep a few different sizes of Halon and Halotron ones around. 5lb in the car and larger ones scattered about with in easy reach. No mess when fired off and starves the fire of air.
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By Geza-aka-Zombo

I keep this type in my cars. I first seen it on a Leno's Garage episode.

Edit - I didn't see that you mentioned the Element until after I posted. I haven't had to use one but the video's are pretty convincing.
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By Bertrand Daoust
I don't have one in the car but should have for sure.
I heard about the Element few years ago but didn't do anything.

I'm gone give it a try.
I mean buying it. Hope never have to use it.
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By Gary Knox
Here's one man's comments about Halotron type and the Element extinguishers:

I've always had Halotron in the garage, house, and in my older or sports type cars. Never had to use them, but have been trained in their use by my previous employer's safety program.

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By jschiller
Gary Knox wrote: Tue Dec 14, 2021 9:43 am Here's one man's comments about Halotron type and the Element extinguishers
Very interesting video. I had not considered the human factors elements of the Element extinguisher he mentioned: single hand use, non-intuitive activation method and training. It probably wouldn't discourage me from putting one or more in the car but I'm leaning toward the 2.5 lb halotron type if the mounting issue doesn't become a problem. Still thinking.
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By Hey_Allen
Personally, I'm in the CO2 camp for most purposes, just due to the ease of cleaning it if you have to use it.
I've been tempted to get an Element or similar, and have even seen some that are intended to be installed attached to your hood and left in place.
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