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By h2pmr
wanting to paint some original locking lug nuts - the type with the small key.
what colour would be closest to original, gloss or satin black?

By worf
New lugs nuts a glossy.

When you are done with the locking nuts, put them in a bag and on the shelf. The mechanisms for these are all deteriorated with age, heat and moisture cycles. I’ve non-trivial difficulties removing them from client cars to the point that I am keeping sets of 4 new normal nuts in stock to replace the locking nuts whenever I see them and putting the locking nuts in a bag in the armrest bin.
By worf
FYI: originally the nuts are anodized. It’ll take some tough paint on the nuts to avoid tooling marks.
By h2pmr
thanks Worf
i had a set from years ago in a box of spares i had, but i lost the key.
a kind fellow 928 owner gave me his genuine key and i striped them down, removed all the tumblers from the locks and fitted all back together.
so now the locking part pushes over the nut and is a nice firm fit, and to remove them just insert the key, turn and they pull off.

i got a set of the plastic covers - before they go NLA- and i think i will list them all on ebay for the concourse brigade :rockon:
if no takers i will put them on the SE

the 4th one still needs to dry, so not pictured.

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