8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By Dawid van der Walt
Is the 10 Nm or 7 Ftlbs torque for the water pump bolts correct?

It feels as if the bolts are still loose at this value, but I know I also thought they weren't very tight when I loosened the old ones.

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By worf
Spec is 8 to 10 Nm.

With squeaky-clean bolt holes, new bolts, and a touch of anti-seize paste, I use 9.6 Nm.

Remember that torque wrenches are not, generally, accurate in the bottom 20% of their range.
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By worf
Dawid van der Walt wrote: Sun Oct 24, 2021 10:31 pm Thanks Worf. May be a good idea to buy a low torque spec wrench as well.
If you are using a 3/8” wrench that bottoms at 10 Nm you can be very sure that those bolts are not torqued to 10Nm.

I have a really good Stahlwille insert torque wrench with a 5 to 20 Nm range. But, most folks aren’t going to be able to justify the expense.

Wera makes a good “small” wrench that’s non-trivially cheaper than my Stahlwille but still ain’t short money:

https://chadstoolbox.com/wera-050756040 ... 1-4-drive/
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By worf
If my Stahlwille were to disappear, this is the one I’d get:

https://chadstoolbox.com/wera-click-tor ... ert-tools/

and the 1/4” ratchet, bit ratchet, and 10mm ring insert.

You’ll never need anything else for low-torque fasteners on a 928.
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