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By JBRob007


As much as this pains me, my baby, MY 1984 Hellbronze Metallic 928S2 Euro (310 hp) 4 speed automatic with shifter kick down switch will be FOR SALE soon… Thought I’d let Rennlist members have first crack before I list her on Cars & Bids.

She’s a fully sorted, “turn key & go”, shark that was reassembled / rebuilt & serviced by the 928 Buckeyelandsharks club members in 2015-16 after a full window / interior out repaint. She's a one off custom 928 that had $14K in new parts (doors / hatch seals, H4 lights, gaskets, steering wheel, GB fuel hoses, GB injector kit, Recovered dash, pod & consold, etc) awaiting reassembly. She has more upgrades than I can list or remember. The list of work / parts is extensive and the build book with all of my additional parts receipts comes with the car. The total parts costs, body & paint work, and hundreds of hours of labor were never tallied… but the costs WELL exceed the asking price by a LOT!!!

This is a custom built 928 that is instantly recognizable in the 928 community (Frenzy / Amelia Island). The custom dash, pod, center console & glove box cover stitching is unmatched. The black leather front seats are manual & super comfortable while the rear seats were deleted with the stereo installation. The custom SS exhaust is slightly louder than most (especially above 4,000 RPMs) as is the Brad Smith custom built stereo system (WAY louder than most). She is a factory sunroof delete model with custom shaved body panels to show off the car’s lines (DELETED rocker panel rough strips, flag mirrors, side markers, rub strips, head light washers, radio antenna, rear wiper & duckbill spoiler). The added GTS Aero mirrors & custom 80's rear wing bring it all together & she’s covered in a one off, close to Hellbronze Metallic paint (this color has more metal flake) that just POPS in direct sunlight. While the paint is no longer “perfect”, it's still VERY nice and the entire front of the car including bumper, hood, fenders, mirrors & rocker panels is covered in Expel (clear bra) protection package. She shows extremely well from all angles.

She is literally a custom one of one car - there is nothing else like her. People gawk everywhere I drive her and she’s an instant hit / trophy winner at large Car Shows. She has two sets of wheels - Stock manholes w/ new all season tires and Silver / Polished Aluminum RH 3-Part Cup Wheels with new Continental DSW on rear and Hankook Ventus on front. The RH wheels are not the correct offsets, but they’re GORGEOUS on this car! To say this shark is a “head turner” is a gross understatement.

She has 142K+ miles on the clock, but you’d never know it looking under the hood, or under the car, and she starts & runs like a sewing machine 😎. Most of the miles are highway (of course) from OH to FL, TN, PA, NY, NJ, VA, MD, DE, WV, KY, MI and IN... Everything works as it should and all services are up to date with a complete TB/Tensioner/Roller service prior to sale.

Dave Kindig called it a “Bitchin’ Ride” while Judging the 2019 Columbus Zoo Car Show (Top 20 Winner out of hundreds of contestants). She won Best of Class at the Red Brick Reunion all Porsche Car Show in Oxford, OH, and was a featured display at the 2021 RBR. Most recently she was featured in the September edition of PCA magazine Panorama (Shark Tank pages 86-90) while participating in 928 Rendevous - Sharks Circling Amelia Island, FL. Previously, she was pictured in the July edition of Panorama Editor’s Note.

The only flaws are a slow leak auto transmission pan, the rear hatch trim needs a repaint, and one key each for the ignition, doors & hatch. The RH 3-Part wheels are original 80’s and have some minor cosmetic flaws & curb but still show very nicely... They sparkle going down the road - love the 80's bling!

Asking $40K OBO for Rennlist members, as I’d like to keep her in our community, before listing on the Cars & Bids auction site. I also listed it in 928s For Sale.

If interested, or you'd like pictures of specific items please call me at the below phone number or email “[email protected]”.


Joel Roberts
928 BLS Club VP & Lead Cheerleader
(614) Eight, Eight, Six - Three, Five, One, One
Red Brick Reunion 2019 (153 of 336).jpg
Red Brick Reunion 2019 (153 of 336).jpg
Red Brick Reunion 2019 (150 of 336).jpg
Red Brick Reunion 2019 (149 of 336).jpg
Red Brick Reunion 2019 (148 of 336).jpg
Red Brick Reunion 2019 (146 of 336).jpg
Red Brick Reunion 2019 (145 of 336).jpg
Red Brick Reunion 2019 (144 of 336).jpg
Euro 928 II.jpg
Euro 928 I.jpg
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By JBRob007
Sean, I know…. It’s a tough call.
By JBRob007
Not really as I have another P Car in the garage. The reason for selling is simple. The Euro was a project car the BLS club finished for an elderly couple in our club - they wanted to see the car finished. It came together very nicely and they were thrilled with the results. Now that it’s totally sorted, I’m at the point where I “don’t want to mess it up”! So like Ed and Blu Max it may be time to let her go to the next care taker. The Euro is a custom car and not for the P Car “purist” as Dave Mathews pointed out in Panorama, but the right buyer will fall in love with her! It’ll be tough to see & hear her drive off…
By JBRob007
If you know anybody who's looking for a really nice, turn key, shark then send them my way and make an offer. I'd rather not go through the hassle of the car auction houses and the BS comments from nit-picking nut jobs with no intention of actually BUYING the car.
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By linderpat
Well Joel, you would also have a pretty strong support section in the comments too. A lot of us know the car and you, and could give it a pretty good boost through the comments.
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By JBRob007
Yes I know and I appreciate that fact more than anything. I’ll keep her for sale in here and over at that “other” place for a bit. Not a lot of responses on here or there… Thanks brother!!
By JBRob007
I tried listing on Cars & Bids but they insist on a ridiculously LOW reserve price in order to guarantee a sale. Like they know anything about the value of a 84 Euro that’s had $20K in new parts installed… and custom body work & paint (with clear bra)…. and restored interior… totally sorted AND brand new TB, Porken tensioner, Roller, etc, installed TODAY! 928 prices are higher than ever and their uninformed opinion on the car’s value pisses me off to no end!
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By JBRob007
SOLD!! The car is being sold to a fellow 928er & Frenzy Fanatic! He’ll pipe up if he feels like it… or, just look for posts about “What’s the best polish to use on Hellbronze Metallic “. Thanks for looking!!
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By Don Smith
Congrats! It is a hell of a car.
I hope we see your other project soon.
By JBRob007
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By JBRob007
Well.... so much for THAT idea. Had a WP seize up and shredded the TB on the White 81 Euro. Did a full TB / WP and all the seals. Got it back together, started and purred like a kitten... for 10 minutes. Then it sounded like a rod was knocking. Rolled it back into the garage and tore it down. The Passenger side cam shaft sheared at the snout... "Ffffffffffuuuuuuuudddddddgggggggeeee... Although I didn't say FUDGE." Had to pull the engine to replace the cams. The car has long pipe headers, so it took 5 hours to remove those PRIOR to pulling the engine... Ugh! A BLS Club Member sold me a pair of cam towers complete with shafts & lifters from a US 82 car. They're not the CORRECT cams, but they'll get me back on the road while changing the torque / hp values somewhat... So far, so good. There doesn't appear to be any valve vs piston impacts or damage so THAT'S good news! Although, the steering rack is leaking like a sieve, the oil pan gasket is toast, the oil pump seal is leaking (again - that thing is a PITA), the FOE harness is toast, PS hose is a burnt twig and the windshield washer pump is frozen... Pics are new cam towers with assembly grease on the lifters and head prep. We install the cam towers today, then wait for parts from Roger!
Cams I.jpg
Cams II.jpg
Cams III.jpg
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By Mrmerlin
Wow thats twist of fate. SO you got the cam towers off and did not swap in new HGs?
NOTE if the HGs are original they should now be changed out

I would not install the engine till this work is done,
you should also be looking for a bent valve,
and a valve job will confirm this

there was someone selling a good Euro cam 1500.00 was the price it would put you back into the higher HP club.

NOTE dont pry on the cam gears to remove them from the camshafts use heat and puller. the snout will crack.
Use new cam pulley washers (the 30 mm washers)and new bolts with a drop of blue loctite, on the bolts.
NOTE resurface the mating areas with 400 grit paper of the collars and the pulleys so they will have fresh surfaces to compress on.
Use DC111 on the oil pump O rings.
Use the new Greg Brown cam tower gaskets for the tower base and the rear covers they are green
NOTE maybe it was Geza that had the cam info
By JBRob007

Thank you for the information and your experience. Your input is something I take very seriously and try to emulate - even though that's impossible :bowdown: We know about not prying on the cam gears and we'll use your method for the reinstallation of the gears when we get to that point. Thank you again!

I understand the correct route is a complete tear down & head job. I'm trying to take the CORRECT path, but times being what they are I may not have the $$$$ to complete a job that indepth... period... and this is my Daily Driver so that adds to the "urgency". Having the correct Euro cams isn't really a primary concern - the damn thing is already faster than I'll be able to drive it :burnout: Getting it back on the road and running is...

To do this job correctly, I'll have to tear down the entire engine and that's typically where the Rabbit Hole begins... not ends. After looking at my bank account it's probably not in the cards - financially. Short-sightedness is my Achille's heel and will most likely come back to bite me... again... I know. Having said that, we've scoped the cylinders and found no indications of impact, at all, not in the piston faces nor on the valves' faces or edges. We've also turned the engine over by hand (without the TB on the cams) very slowly and haven't found any indication of interference - nice smooth rotation while compression comes & goes smoothly as we turn the crank. I know this is not the best way to do this, but it's at least a good indication that we may have dodged the interference engine bullet. Frankly, I'm not 100% positive it's an interference engine - Does anyone know for sure? The block, heads & cams are from a M28/22 (Euro 84-86 Auto). Everything I've read on them is all over the map...

I'll revise this thread once I've sat down with our 928 Buckeyelandshark Club members and decide what's doable... Without them, I wouldn't even own a 928, much less be this far into this particular car's engine. Cannot THANK THEM enough... especially Mike Buccicone!

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By Mrmerlin
you might have a bent valve on the right bank,
and right now is the time to take the head off and have it serviced, yes do both heads.
then you will never have to deal with it again.
PLUS the engine will have more HP. and not leak oil from the top end.
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By JBRob007

Again, I appreciate the advice. I really do. I just pray I can comply with, or afford, your recommendations. It’s pretty tight.

Thanks again!
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By Mrmerlin
you could also see what a leak down test does with the cams off ,
that would answer the issue of a leaking valve, but not fix the old head gaskets issue
NOTE all 16 V engines should have had their HGs swapped out by now as they are crumbling
By JBRob007
Just realized that whomever built this engine used the 84 cam towers but installed the earlier 81-83 Euro S cams… Sneaky bastards!
By JBRob007
GREAT NEWS!! The 928 BuckeyeLandsharks showed up in force last weekend and assisted with the engine reinstall. We had it back in the car with all the major items hooked up in one day. Mike and I took 1/2 of the next day to finish up final connections, fuel lines, alt, PS pump, belts, fluids, etc... Aaaaaaaaaaand... SHE STARTED RIGHT UP!!

No pinging, smacking, or mashing of pistons with valves or any other drama! WHEW!!! I guess we dodged the "Interference Engine" BULLET! The engine runs very well, even with the USA 82 Cams & Lifters (instead of the proper Euro cams). Actually, I can't tell the difference as it always ran very strong with the 81 CIS Spider & Cams and 84 Euro 4.7 Bottom End. I'm guessing the Euro final drive of 2.38 or 2.54 (optional I think) may have something to do with that seat of the pants performance as well. So... after a very long, somewhat complicated and taxing repair, I'm back to my original short list of minor repairs including new throttle cable (ALWAYS replace these on 41 year old cars), 4 wheel alignment, sunroof adjustment, rear hatch plastic liner and a stock air filter (throwing out the K&N), etc, and a fresh oil change. What OIL does everyone use...? ROFLMAO!!!!

Thanks to everyone for your insights, recommendations, expert experience and assistance! We used your input at every turn! :bowdown:
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