8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By Dawid van der Walt
I removed my valves today, with wife helping.
With help, removing the collars was not that difficult, but I wonder whether there is a trick, or tool to help with replacing them. There is not a lot of space in there.

Also, is there a safe way to clean the valves? I have some light carbon buildup on the tops of the exhaust valve heads.

Looking on youtube, there are varied suggestions, but then a lot of comments say: Don't do that, do this.

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By h2pmr
i use the wire wheel on a standard bench mounted grinder to clean any carbon build up on both sides of the valve head and a small wire brush mounted on a drill to clean the carbon from the valve ports.

valves will need grinding in with fine valve grinding paste and the usual stick with a suction cup on the end.

as to the collets, they are small and can be tricky to get in, a small amount of grease on the end of a small thin screwdriver will hold the collet to the screwdriver.
when the valve spring is compressed move the valve spring all the way away from the valve on one side and place the collet on the valve, then move the spring across the other way so the valve spring will hold the collet in place.
then fit the other collet, center the valve spring and slowly release the tension on the spring and all should be good.

i find magnetic screwdrivers more of a curse than a blessing as just when you have the collet in position the magnet holds it to the screwdriver.

thats how i have done it for the last 30+ years anyway

and i guess you will be fitting new VSOS.

good luck with the project

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By Strosek Ultra
This is the tool I have made to remove the valves from a 32V cylinder head.
To be used with an ordinary valve spring compressor.
The best way to clean the valves is to put them up in an electric drill and polish off the carbon build up using emery cloth.

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By h2pmr
yes VSOS = valve stem oil seals
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