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By LTCMontana
SH944 is serious. He wants us all to come to Lenexa this Friday for a free concert at his house.

Check out this thread:

viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3169&p=103076&hilit ... ERT#p93668

This is great opportunity to meet some of these awesome ‘assholes’ from OR.

It will be worth it. Come if you can.
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By Ed Scherer
I'll probably be there with my wife Helen. Maybe my sister, too (the music might clinch it for her).

Probably driving the 928. Hope it can cover the long 8 mile drive to get there. :beerchug:

FYI, we were just in Wisconsin (and Michigan, Iowa, and Nebraska) last month. And Helen was born in Missoula. So we'd probably have plenty to talk about. :beerchug:
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By LTCMontana
Looking forward to meeting more of the 928 Refugees.
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