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By Stepson
This upcoming first Saturday Breakfast will be at Southern Recipe Grill in North Arlington September 4, 2021 at 8am!

Southern Recipes Grill
2715 North Collins
Arlington, Texas 76006

Southern Recipes Grill is a restaurant in north Arlington at which we have had our last several Breakfast Get Togethers. It features a large parking lot, an outside patio, a large indoor dining room and Southern cooking. They are always excited to have us back and are accommodating to our needs. The restaurant is located on North Collins Street in Arlington and is no more than 5-10 minutes from either I-30 to the south or state highway 183 to the north.

In keeping with the times and personal safety, we will be dining in the large front dining room with the ability to have correct COVID separation. Please be safe and take appropriate caution with your health and the health of others who might attend.
We have no idea how many folk will attend, but if you don't feel safe out of your house, we all will understand. If you are sick or do not feel well, please do not attend.
We would love to see you and your car, but not at the expense of the health of others.

And as always, you don't have to drive a 928 or even own one to attend this breakfast, but we would all love to see your car with you in it.

This is the ninth breakfast of 2021 and we look forward to seeing everyone as always. We had our best attendance post-Covid at last month's GTG. Please come and share your projects with the group. There is a typically a lot of 928 knowledge at these events. If your 928 is not drivable, drive what you can to get there and we can discuss the issues your 928 currently presents.

The Third Coast Event is now on the calendar for the first weekend of November in Marble Falls, Texas. Marble Falls affords us a nice place to stay, great roads to drive, good restaurants to dine, and is not too far for any group within the Great State of Texas. Make plans to both attend Third Coast and have a great time while you are there
By Stepson
Fox_ wrote: Fri Aug 27, 2021 5:55 pm I'm an hour or so out of Dallas for the foreseeable future, but the 928 is at home.
Fox, you know you can come to a 928GTG without a 928. We aren't haters. All you have to do or be is someone who likes cars and specifically enjoys 928s. We have 991/997 guys as well as 944 guys that just like hanging out with us.
See you on September 4th!
By Stepson
fpena944 wrote: Fri Aug 27, 2021 1:51 pm Just stickied this for you so it'll remain on top and people will know it's coming!
Thank you Sir!!
By Stepson
Nice turnout for a holiday weekend!
There were 10 of us there representing.
We had 3 first timers that made it: Kegan came in from the Tyler area, Gus drove in from Joshua, Texas and Ted is form Arlington. We'd like for them all to come back
Thanks to everybody that made it. It REALLY is all about the people that drive these fine cars.
By Stepson
Kegan, I'm sorry I didnt have more time after the breakfast. Normally, we'd have had some sort of technical discussion/question session afterwards. I had a busy day planned out for me already.
By Stepson
Just stay up all night Friday night and have breakfast with us! It can just be an extended Friday night for you!

We look forward to seeing you sometime :beerchug:
By Stepson
Moderator: Please unsticky this thread.

Thank you
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