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By Eplebnista

Frenzy 25 will have a fun run which is being run under PCA auspices and PCA rules. Among other things, PCA requires that lead and sweep vehicles in every group have a pilot and a co-pilot so the co-pilot can handle communications while the pilot does the driving. This means that we need lead and sweep volunteer drivers and lead and sweep co-pilots. If you are attending with significant other and feel your relationship would survive, you are a perfect candidate. If your 928 isn't going to be at Frenzy and you don't mind riding as co-pilot with someone, you are also a candidate. The essential point is that we will probably need at least 5 cars with pilots and co-pilots to hold the Fun Run.

If you are willing to drive lead or sweep and have a co-pilot, please send me a PM. If are willing to drive but don't have a co-pilot, PM me. If you are willing to be a co-pilot, please PM me.

Thanks - Let's make 25 the most awesome Frenzy ever!
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