8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By maddog2020
I spoke to Adam tonight for quite a bit and we were talking about the good ole porsche fans email list days and talking about the turnover at TOS, and he mentioned a thread about floor mats. I'm seriously fighting the temptation to start 50 threads in TOS 928 forum about sport seats for sale.. lol the temptation is strong....
By worf
Do the sports seats have EXTRA LATERAL SUPPORT?

By maddog2020
lol we got a series of good laughs about the sportseats thread and how it spammed everyone for over a week.
By Sazerac
I am indeed looking for sports seats, but I have the feeling that this thread refers to something before my time in the 928 world!!
By Crumpler
I don’t know why, but thinking about days gone by, who was the guy that was so insane that was going to get rich (with our money) by selling 928’s in China. He managed to not get killed loading a car in u-haul with cinder blocks and two by fours.
Ranting on you tube videos, etc. Somebody help me. :)

I can still see his giant head but the name?
By Crumpler
Oh holy fuck.
I found him.

By Crumpler
amdavid wrote: Thu Aug 12, 2021 5:36 pmW T F is that..?
Exactly: grifter, charlatan, fool, likely anti-Semite— all the major food groups rolled into one white hot mess!
Initially I thought it was someone trolling the forum just to get the mods lathered up, but I’m afraid he is real.

https://rennlist.com/forums/928-forum/8 ... -idea.html
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By The Fat Man
Wayne Lambright...oh hell.
By linderpat
ah yes, Wayne Lambright. We really need a dedicated thread here to some of the greats from Rennlist. Who can forget Mason? What about Russ with his side pipes? And that kid with the motorcycle that rode cross country and scammed Bigs? Thems were the dayz!
By linderpat
Oh yeah, an the king - Dangler (Danglerb) who still lives on the kingdom of the bird, although he eventually learned to be not so....obnoxious.
By SeanR
Wayne, Russ, Dangler are all still around. I see Russ at 928sRus occasionally and Wayne every couple months or so on Facespace trying to sell his crapped out 928's that he's done no work to, for crazy money. Talked to Mason last year or so and he's got his life together after passing all his 928 stuff to RichVM. He's genuinely embarrassed about how things went down and does not want anything to remind him of those times.

We've had some really screwed up people in the 928 community.
By ROG100
What about that strange guy "Sterling" or something like that.
Yes Mason has got his shit together. Russ is a regular customer with his 928 race car.
I will never forget the 928 Worldwide tarts at the OCIC. The piles of 928 parts that had little or no value. Any pictures?
Looking at Mark checking out the 928 parts and his eyes roiling back in his head "you will never sell those parts"
By worf
maddog2020 wrote: Thu Aug 12, 2021 8:42 am lol we got a series of good laughs about the sportseats thread and how it spammed everyone for over a week.
My mailing list archive goes back to November 1997. The Sport Seat Spampocalypse predates that.

Did those instrument pod gremlins stay cured?

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By maddog2020
I have no idea about that one. lol too far back I think I still have most of my old email archives. I'd have to dig them out.
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