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By checkmate1996
Howdy! I just finished completely dismantling an 81 m28/15 engine down to the short block. I also have the g28/05 manual transmission.. this came off an 81 competition package car. I have so many parts it would take too long to list everything. Some of the bigger I tems-

Short block - $200
Heads - $200
Cam with lifters $200
Flywheel - 19.5mm thickness- 200 (min is 11)
G28/05 tranny - $800 (2-3 synchro grind when cold)
Alternator - $150
Starter - $150
Lower bell hosing - $100
Oil pump - $250
Oil pan - $150
Cam gears -$100
Oil pump gear -$50

All the odds and ends. Everything is negotiable for this forum and if you buy multiple items more savings. Basically I’ll work with you. I have lots of various interior, exterior parts as well. Shipping is extra unless you want to pick up direct. Just shoot me a note. :rockon:
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By checkmate1996
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