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Which archiving platform do you prefer for 3d file storage?

1. Creation of a file subforum
2. Expansion of 928 Resource Center
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By fpena944
Hi everyone,

There's been discussion on the forum around sharing 3d printer files to generate replacement parts for your vehicles. In order to encourage this sharing we have the ability to set up a section of the site to archive these files. Just like everything else in life we have a couple of different ways of going about this. I wanted to provide some choices and see what you all think would be most suitable:

Choice #1

I'll create a subforum within the 928 forum where we will only house these files as attachments. The process to post these will be similar to any other post on this forum but will be dedicated to only the files and their descriptions and related conversations around them.

Pros - familiar user interface, tighter integration with the main 928 forum
Cons - search and filtering capabilities a little more limited, maybe not look as "pretty"

Choice #2

Although not used very often, I also have a "Resource" section that can be utilized at the following link: pages/porsche-928-resources/

Within here we can structure and format these files in an infinite number of ways with a lot more design flexibility than the forum allows.

Pros - More intuitive interface, more options for searching and filtering
Cons - Doesn't feel as tightly integrated with the forum, comments on these would be separated from forum conversation

So which do you all prefer? I've included a poll so looking for some feedback and we'll get this done!
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By sh944
I realize the 928 forum is the most active one here, but please set aside space for other models when we start uploading, as I have a couple Spyder only parts and don’t mind sharing...
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By linderpat
agreed. Don't make it 928 specific. This will also drive more traffic to the other tech forums, as people realize there is more tech content across the board for all models/makes.

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