8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By worf
I just finished a t-belt/wp job on an 85S that's on its way via carrier to its owner's Florida retirement venue.

It's going to need a retension after the usual interval. (And there's a non-trivial 'todo' list too. I hadn't seen this one since 2008; it was booked for a belt and A/C in a narrow calendar space between two more-extensive projects. So, no time to chase non-trivial items. And it pretty much needs everything except what I just touched.)

Anyone got references for a 928-savvy shop in the Fort Meyers area?
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By jschiller
I've used Tills Import Car Clinic for my BMWs and the 928. I would say they are competent but there are not many 928s for them to work on around here.

I suggest calling them and maybe quizzing the owner (Bob, I think it is) to get a feel for them before hand. I know they do the 996 IMS bearing jobs and are certified by Flat6 Innovations for their products.

They're not cheap, but then who is? LOL

239 277-0797


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