8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By JBRob007
Had a bit of bad luck on I-77 South in WV while in the middle of what appeared to be a hurricane delivering buckets of water with limited visibility. Anyway, whilst trying to lug it up a mountain at 45 mph in 4th gear because of hydroplaning, the rear end suddenly breaks loose to the left (counter turn) then to the right (counter turn, but with ZERO effect) followed by two 360 spins across 3 lanes and ass end into the concrete jersey barrier... hard. Followed by flashing lights and blaring horn so the cattle drive of trucks didn't pinball my ass down the mountain. I was able to get out of the way eventually and finally off the road (which was my intended destination to wait out the rain). 100 more yards and I would have made it but shit happened.

Damages: Right front wheel steering rod bolts sheered leaving the outer connecting rod dragging & wheel damaged. Rear bumper and right quarter took it squarely on the chin, totally Fing up my front & back Porsche turbo twist and busting up the rear quarter and the rear bumper. The hit was HARD and it F'd up the 1/2 shaft and MAYBE the LSD... don't know yet about the LSD. Tranny shifts O.K. but got some noise coming from back there. All the glass is good, doors open and shut as they should, so I'm HOPING the body isn't tweaked. My insurance may decide to fix it... but my body shop says it's probably totaled... We'll see in the next few days.

BTW, in case you're wondering I was able to get out of the way with multiple tractor trailer trucks bearing down in a monsoon... How they managed to miss me is a miracle. Changed pants shortly after forcing the car to the other side of the road, but otherwise no serious injuries, just slightly shaken and sore. Today feeling better - 16 yr old Scotch helped. The 928 Buckeyelandsharks dropped what they were doing and offered everything from bringing me wheelsets to get her going, to bringing another car, to driving 5 hours to get me/car with the club's flat bed trailer. The latter was the best option as she's hurt pretty bad and the locals were getting ready to part the car on the side of the road. Can't EVER thank these guys enough!!!

If we fix it, I'll let you all know. If we part it, I'll let you all know.
By worf
Don't know what to write. Sucks.

Good gang you've got 'round to help out!
By JBRob007
Thanks everyone. Yeah it sucks. Looks like the Chiffon car just turned into a Daily Driver. At least for now 👍. See y’all at Frenzy!!
By JBRob007
The car is at Automotion in Columbus. Kinda like taking it to Chip Foose for a scratch. These guys design & build show cars, restore, etc. The owner is a friend of the club and their work is impressive… like multi-six figured impressive 😎
By The Fat Man
Joel, how are you doing today? Any new aches or pains show up? I am assuming the Scotch helped take the edge off that.
Glad you are OK and will live another day.
Good Luck getting your red shark put back right.
By Gary Knox

SO SORRY to hear that the car is badly damaged, but so happy to hear you were not injured.

Your result with the cabin intact (doors open, etc.) is exactly the same as mine was about 10 years ago when my '88 was hit from the rear when parked, by a semi truck going about 60 mph. Lots of damage to the rear, and left qtr, but both doors opened and closed. Car was totaled, I bought and dismantled it.

SO glad you were uninjured - my condition was loss of one drop of blood from a small piece of flying glass that hit my left arm.

WE should all be thankful for the incredible strength of the cabin in these cars.
By JBRob007
Copied from that other 928 site ;) Thanks for the support guys. Yeah, it took a helluva hit and yeah the 928 is a tank and yeah I'm not even upset because the BIG GUY (not Seth) upstairs let me walk away from this one. The car did heave up upon impact and both front wheels came in contact with the front fenders / pulled them out. The hood is bulged and all the other observations already mentioned. Hoping the force of the hit didn't travel through the 1/2 shaft and damage the LSD... that would suck.

My insurance is State Farm and they've always treated me well... They ain't cheap, but they come through in a pinch and have always treated us well above fair - at least that's been my experience for 35 years. The claims department said it's a CLASSIC Porsche and we're not going to send out your "average adjuster"... matter of fact, they're not sending an adjuster at all.  Apparently, they treat "classic" cars a little differently than your average Honda, Ford, etc.   He said since I'm a Porsche guy he wants me to work with the shop, show them what isn't right and to put together the estimates, help find parts and we'll leave the adjusters out of the picture. If it's over 75% of the value then Ohio state law says it's a total... We'll cross that road when we get there. He was shocked that a 928 is my Daily Driver... said "WOW!! Good for you!!" Seemed like a good dude and a car dude at that who wants to FIX the car!   Looks like I'll be reaching out to Roger Tyson & Mark Anderson for parts estimates!

Thanks again for all the support. My club is Da Best Damn Car Club on the Planet! The 928 Community is Da Best Damn Car Community... by far... on the Planet!
By Bertrand Daoust
I hope you will be able to put this beauty back on the road and enjoy her for many years.

But the main thing is that you didn't get hurt.
That's the most important thing for sure...

Good luck with the insurance company.
By captainOCD
Yikes, at least you made it out largely unscathed. I was fortunate to have a nice calm ride up and down the southern half of I77 in WV a couple weeks ago. Stuff like this makes you realize how quickly things can turn bad.

Saw photos over on RL. What kind of shape were the tires in? Hard to tell from the photos.
By JBRob007
Tires were OK, but Summer tires don’t do well in 3” of rain. Further inspection indicates the fuel tank may be cracked, right lower control arm is bent & cross member too. 1/2 shaft & LSD is making noise. Steering rack is iffy (right front wheel took initial hit). One wheel needs replacement, one repaired and all 4 refinished. Body shop informal guesstimate is $12K labor. Mostly used parts are just under $10K.
By XR4Tim
That sucks, Joel! That part of 77 is a lot of fun when it's dry and clear, but sketchy in a rainstorm. I've seen at least one bad accident there. Glad you are okay and insurance is being cooperative!
By JBRob007
Thanks Tim. Throttle cable got stuck on Chiffon 82 between Canton and Pittsburgh. Then 86 Red car hits a wall a week later…. God doesn’t want me going to VA Beach!! There can be no other explanation! 🤪😩😳😜☹️
By JBRob007
For anyone interested, my entire 86 manual w/LSD car is up for sale as is / where it is (Columbus, OH) for $7000. The rear quarter, bumper, rear wheel & lower control arm are damaged. The right front tie rod needs to be reconnected with two new bolts. Otherwise it’s a sorted car with a very nice black leather interior (dash & pod are cracked). Rear interior quarters & seated are very nice. Mechanically it’s sorted top to bottom with exceptions of the recently damaged parts above. Let me know ASAP. Otherwise the insurance company owns it and it will be gone.
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