8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By linderpat
Okay, I got my Cup 1's finally. Now I need to shoe them. They are 7.5 front and 9 rear, 17" wheels. What tire selections work well? I'd like more thickness in the rear, which obviously I'll get anyway by virtue of the wider rear wheel.

Thanks for your thoughts all!
By Bertrand Daoust
Just bought new (to me) wheels.
17'' Cup II.
8'' ET70 front and 9'' ET 55 back.
I want to stay stock so I went with 225-45/17 and 255-40/17.

Have not received the tire yet.
By worf
Bertrand Daoust wrote: Tue Jun 22, 2021 9:56 am ... stock so I went with 225-45/17 and 255-40/17.
Concur with stock 17” size.

@linderpat you have questions as to size or brand?
ABS or not?
By Bertrand Daoust
Yes stock size for the 17'' GTS wheels. Not 16'' GT/S4 wheels.
But close enough for me.
0.4% diameter difference in front and 1.2% in the back.

I can't wait to see how the car drives with the new tires/wheels...
By linderpat
no ABS. These are for my 85. Wheels are Cup 1, 7.5 X 17, 52 ET front, and 9 X 17 rear, 47 ET.

Need to know tire size. Brand is something I'll select after knowing what size to get.

PS - Bertrand, Cup 2's are different offsets from Cup 1's. Tire sizes may still be the same though.
By Bertrand Daoust
My front wheels are not GTS stock wheels. But winter wheels for the turbo of those same years (if I recall correctly).

Offset on mine:
Front:70mm on 8''.
Stock (design 90 and both GTS stock Cup wheels) are 65mm on 7.5''

Back: 55mm on 9''.
Stock design 90 is 52.3mm on 9''. Both GTS stock Cup wheels are 55mm on 9''.

I took this information on The Registry "Wheel Option" section.
Hope it's good...
By worf
linderpat wrote: Tue Jun 22, 2021 1:36 pm no ABS. ...Tire sizes may still be the same though.
225/45 on a 7.5x17” front is the stock 928 GTS front.
255/40 on a 9x17” rear.

With no ABS you can play with sidewall height with no fear of making ABS lose its mind.
By Schocki
I drive the stock 17" rims and tires on my GTS. Michelin Pilot Sport N3 are the way to go. Very good tire with very good grip wet or dry,
By Adamant1971
My current summer performance tire of choice is the Firestone Firehawk Indy. It’s a re-branded Potenza Re003 from Japan. Have them on my Golf R that I just traded in and on my 928.

I have conti dws06 on our van and also had those on my 9-5 Aero. They last along time and even work well when at the wear bars in the winter. But IMO the sidewall is too soft for a 928. But if your looking for an all season option they are a great AS tire.

In the past I have run the following summer tires on my 928 and prefer the Firestone hands down.
-Potenza re-70
-Continental extreme contact sport
-potenza s0-4
By Sazerac
I also really like the Michelin Pilot Sports. Since I only have 16" wheels on my cars, I have the Rossos, and they are perfectly acceptable. But, I like the Pilot Sports better. They seem to be both stickier and quieter. Just my 2 cents.
By Gary Knox
If you want to drive the car in weather other than 'warm/hot roads', where the Pilot Sport's have great grip, I recommend considering the Pilot A/S 3+. Good handling, good traction in all 4 seasons we have in PA, I've had them on several GT type cars (including the AM, MB, and '94 GTS in the list below), and for street highway, I really like them. Not what I'd put on a track car, or maybe a 4-5 month driver. But, I'm a big fan of Michelin, whatever type tire I need.

Integrity statement: I spent about 4 years interacting technically with US and European tire companies back in the era when Michelin was first introducing their 'radial' tires into the US market.
By Adamant1971
You can never go wrong with a Michelin.

I might try them next as I seem to burn through rear tires in about 10k Km’s. Lol
By worf
Adamant1971 wrote: Wed Jun 23, 2021 2:42 pm ... I seem to burn through rear tires in about 10k Km’s. Lol
You’re doin’ it right then :thumbup:
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