8 cylinder front engine iconic vehicle
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By Daniel5691
Hello !
1981 928 Euro S 4.7 heads with 5.0L block

Are any specific lubes/ "sealants" recommended for installing new seals here?
Thanks in advance ! !!
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By Crumpler
Dan, this is what I have been using, for lack of a better option. Molycoat 55, which I believe has wide wide enough temp range to suffice.

The, ahem, pros mat have a better option ;)
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By worf
Stan lube -^ is fine for static seals. The lip seal for the cam gets motor oil on the cam-to-seal interface, or assembly lube if it’s going to be sitting for months. The inner lip will be lubed by oil flow when the engine is running, but must be lubed initially lest the first 100 revs before oil flow hits scorch it.
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